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Rectangle Plastic Sunglasses Frame for Men

Boss™ - 0762/S

$114.62 - $121.88

Boss™ - 1078/S

$112.57 - $114.98

Boss™ - 1086/S

$118.65 - $120.15

Adidas™ - SP0006

$49.72 - $52.60

Adidas™ - SP0007

$49.72 - $76.58

Adidas™ - SP0008

$49.72 - $65.38

Adidas™ - SP0010

$49.72 - $52.60

Balenciaga™ - BB0080S

$204.51 - $303.75

Burberry™ - BE4291

$153.57 - $162.31

Burberry™ - Miller BE4341

$162.31 - $185.43

Emporio Armani™ - EA4058

$82.87 - $190.47

Emporio Armani™ - EA4115

$84.65 - $125.78

Sunglasses or corrective glasses are one of the main accessories in the image of a modern man. They emphasize the status of the owner, help him stand out from others, and attract the attention of the opposite sex. The whole secret of success is to find a model that perfectly matches the shape of the face, skin color, and style of clothing. And also the sunglasses should be liked by their owner and be comfortable and sure to protect eyes in the best possible way. The question remains: how to choose the relevant model among such a variety of existing forms and styles? First of all, you should not chase trends, because they are constantly changing. Sunglasses are modified over time, with new designs being added annually, although the basic shapes always remain the same. So sunglasses of rectangular shape are one of the most classic and demanded among men.

Laconic, classic rectangular sunglasses in plastic frames, made entirely in black with a strict, minimalist design, have not gone out of fashion for several years. Such glasses are a must-have of the men's wardrobe. They emphasize intelligence and easily fit into a casual wardrobe, sports, and business styles. And the plastic frame is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and affordable. The main thing is to pay attention to the manufacturer, because the quality, durability of the frame, and comfort depend on this choice.