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Square Nylon Sunglasses Frame for Men

In addition to keeping your eyes safe from harmful UV rays, men’s sunglasses are also a fashion statement that distinguishes you from the rest. With an impressive variety of shapes and colors available, you can easily find the pair that will best reflect your personality. Square sunglasses are timelessly cool; they go well with many outfits and suit a wide range of occasions. Thanks to the angles and strong lines, square shades are bold and expressive, perfectly complementing nearly every face shape. In addition, they are super functional as they cover most of the face, thus delivering excellent sun protection.

We carry an immense selection of square sunglasses for men that will add a cool factor to your style. If you’re looking for a pair of light, sturdy, and comfortable shades, consider nylon frames. Nylon is another popular material used for glasses as it’s durable and resistant to hot/cold temperatures, making nylon frames a versatile choice for year-round wear. Complement your outfit under the sun with a new pair of sunglasses from the brands you love and enjoy your time outdoors protected and comfortable.