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Wood Sunglasses Frame for Men

Ray-Ban™ - RB4246M

$323.00 - $348.00

Wood frames are more expensive and less adjustable compared to other spectacles, but thanks to their incredible beauty, they look stunning. Men's wood sunglasses usually are handmade pieces that have an elegant and exclusive style. These unique frames warm to the body's temperature and they feel unlike any other sunnies from different materials. Of course, wood isn't so durable and practical compared to other sturdy materials used in eyewear production, but it provides a fashionable and interesting look by its warmth. These frames are created for extraordinary men who like unusual things and non-standard appeal.

Pick up a pair of men's wood sunglasses that will emphasize your lifestyle and personality as well as protect your eyes from the sun. If you love unusual materials, elegant details, and handmade frames, these glasses will suit you perfectly! Browse our full collection of wood spectacles for men and choose from a variety of styles and tones to complete your outfit with an unusual and functional accessory. As an authorized retailer, we offer only 100% quality sunnies handcrafted by the most celebrated eyewear companies.