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Shield Plastic Sunglasses Frame for Women

Adidas™ - SP0057

$124.43 - $141.37

Moncler™ - ML0051 Mask

$278.75 - $291.38

Oakley™ - OO9320


$81.80 - $186.93

Adidas™ - SP0016


$107.91 - $138.65

Sunglasses serve a clear and important practical purpose - they are meant to protect our eyes from the burning sun and help us see better in bright light. Although, these days, it's possible to dive into the world of fashion and provide yourself not just with a means of protection but a stylish accessory as well. With a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials that we offer, you can choose the most appealing pair of sunnies and make sure there's an opportunity to turn your looks into something outstanding. If you're ready to focus on one of the most trendy and eye-catching shapes, we're happy to introduce you to Shield sunglasses. Whether you prefer vivid and bright colors or you want to stick to neutral tones, there's a great assortment of models to pick from.

The best thing about Shields is that they fit most face types guaranteeing a fashionable look in the end. But before you get a pair of those, keep in mind that you have to consider the material that the accessory's been made from. If you're not sure if there are any contraindications or what the benefits of each material are, consulting a doctor is always a good idea. Although, a lot of women choose plastic sunnies due to several reasons, and such a choice is explainable - plastic is the best one when it comes to glare resistance. If you're planning on staying under the sun for some time and are afraid of getting blinded by the rays, there's no reason to be scared anymore - such a lightweight and durable accessory will reduce glare as much as possible. Go through our collection of Shields and get nice eye coverage to satisfy your requests.