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Shield Sunglasses for Women

Giorgio Armani™ - AR6088

$173.59 - $331.40

Ray-Ban™ - RB4411

$175.00 - $200.00

Adidas™ - SP0016

$107.91 - $118.46

Adidas™ - SP0057

$107.91 - $120.76

Balenciaga™ - BB0192S

$244.89 - $367.50

Bvlgari™ - BV6139

$251.64 - $265.60

When summer is bursting into our lives, we are happy to have a whale of a time. Although, we know that the sun in this very season may be really harmful as it produces a lot of ultraviolet rays. That is why it is so vital to pay attention to your well-being and cover your eyes. If you do so, having a good time will be much easier as you feel 100% protected and comfortable. So, if you want to keep your eyes safe, you have to think of getting a nice pair of sunglasses. Besides being a useful and practical accessory, they also have a fashionable function, too. Many modern women prefer bold and impressive designs to complete their attractive outfits in a second. If you are looking for a unique frame that will cover a large eye area, we suggest paying attention to women's Shield sunglasses. 

How did they even appear? Shield sunnies were inspired by sports, so if you take a look at any model made in this shape, you will definitely get a ski vibe. These shades are meant to provide a great peripheral vision that is perfect for various activities, including running, cricket, or cycling. But even if you are not a sportswoman and are not engaged in such occupations, Shield sunglasses can make a wonderful impression if you combine them with the right wardrobe. Although, it fully depends on the choice of sunnies' design. If you stick to neutral and basic colors, you may be able to expand the limit of clothing combinations suitable for this very shape. You can come up with either sporty or casual looks. Get your imagination prepared and trust your impeccable taste.

Discover our virtual store to take a look at the widest assortment of Shield sunglasses for women crafted by well-known eyewear brands. These manufacturers do their best to provide wearers with durable and premium quality accessories. Loved by many celebrities, including Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Dua Lipa, and Kim Kardashian, Shield sunnies are very popular among young and fashion-forward ladies who want to express their individuality and highlight their charm. Thanks to the wide variety of materials and colors that these sunglasses are available in, you can pick out the most appealing model and look perfect this season. Besides, if you 100% know exactly what features you need, it is possible to use a special website filter and sort out the models by your particular needs.

Here, you can make visible only those models that suit you by multiple characteristics. For instance, you can pick out the right sizes and width of the temple, lens, and bridge. This is quite important though - if you mess this stage up, you will get an accessory that either rubs your skin and causes discomfort or sunglasses that are too big to fit your face ideally and fall off all the time. So, do not neglect the size part and approach it with meticulous attention. Also, if you have any favorite brands, you can only leave their models. Besides, you can choose the needed colors, materials, frame types, and shapes. Sorting by gender is also presented. This way, you can use all filtering tools and find out which model is going to be the best for you.

Another extremely important part is choosing the right material for your shades. When you are opting for your ideal pair of stunning sunglasses, you have to make sure there will be no unwanted organism reactions in the future. We understand that there are wearers with sensitive skin, and if you are this type of person, it is best to consult an expert and ask for advice. On our part, we can offer a variety of Shield models crafted from first-rate materials, including acetate, nylon, plastic, and metal. Each of them features durability and comfortable use but they also have unique features you should know about. Acetate is the one that brings the most daring color combinations to life allowing you to enjoy the variety of designs. Nylon is super lightweight and easy to wear. In turn, plastic can boast of its glare resistance and metal is one of the strongest ones so far.

It is amazing how designers and manufacturers try to do their best in order to offer the most diverse versions of Shield sunglasses. There are tons of options to choose from, starting from gradient and solid color lenses to glittery and neon frames. It is possible to pick out full-rim, semi-rimless, and rimless sunnies - full-rims are those that are completely surrounded by a so-called metal or another border while rimless sunglasses do not even have it. At the same time, semi-rimless models serve as something in the middle - they do have a rim but it is not large and has less strength. Depending on your taste and requests, you can go for one or another option. It seems like Shields are offered in numerous variations, and that makes them perfect for most occasions and most face types.

As an official retailer, our main goal is to keep our precious reputation and provide our customers with only those glasses that we know are 100% original and authentic. To do so, we work with only first-class brands, such as Vogue, Adidas, Swarovski, Valentino, Puma, Rag & Bone, Oakley, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, and many other talented and well-known designers and fashion companies. All of them design, manufacture, and sell luxurious goods of premium quality and unparalleled functionality. Go through our huge assortment of the best Shield sunglasses for women and create your own bold and eye-catching looks. With such an accessory, you will get unmatched eye protection and a wonderful image.