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Adensco Eyeglasses

Adensco™ - AD 106

$58.39 - $61.19

Adensco™ - AD 112

$58.39 - $61.19

Adensco™ - AD 115

$58.39 - $61.19

Adensco™ - AD 122

$58.39 - $59.89

Adensco™ - AD 128

$59.89 - $59.89

Adensco is a well-known brand eyewear production of which is designed, produced, and distributed by a leading and prestigious Italian company Safilo Group. Adensco was founded in 1934 and is considered to be one of the oldest eyewear manufacturers. The brand’s prescription frames, sunglasses, and sports protective equipment fashion appeal to all ages. Adensco collection reflects the latest in eyewear style, fashion, and functionality. Whether you prefer traditional frames such as rectangular, square, oval, and round, or you're in search of fashionable and originally-looking models – Adensco will impress you with available options. You will be absolutely astonished by the variety of available colors, finishes, and patterns.

Everything which you expect from the respected brand – traditional Italian craftsmanship, original mastery, high quality, and innovative unmatched designs is combined in Adensco eyewear. Frames made of high-grade materials such as acetates, and metals and their combinations impress with the feeling of comfort and style. With Adensco eyeglasses, you can create a stylish look that goes beyond something ordinary but doesn't look too extravagant. Convey your sense of taste and individuality with Adensco eyeglasses, which make any simple outfit stylish and not ordinary. Create a spectacular, unforgettable image with Adensco eyeglasses. Welcome to the club of lovers of sophisticated luxury and absolute comfort!

The famous Italian manufacturer creates its masterpieces for ladies and gentlemen of different ages, aesthetic preferences, and styles. Plastic, acetate, and metal frames are at the service of demanding connoisseurs of the highest comfort. Please note that all Adensco models are made of environmentally friendly, durable, and reliable materials that are safe for the skin of the face and eyes. They are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and fully comply with European quality and purpose standards. Stylish metal frames are suitable for formal events and ceremonies. Wear them to ribbon cuttings, political debates, and summit meetings. Emphasize not only your impeccable style but also your strong character.

For informal occasions, we recommend wearing plastic or acetate frames. They are practical, just as durable, but not so irritating to the skin as metal options. Adensco accessories will appeal to elegant ladies and gentlemen who prefer an active lifestyle. Wear them while driving, cycling, riding, playing golf and football, dancing, shopping, and jogging. Absolute comfort requires the right size. Use the lens, bridge, and temple scales on the EyeOns website to quickly find the perfect fit. The width of your frames should be equal to or slightly wider than the widest part of your face. You can also filter by material, frame type, frame shape, frame color, and gender. EyeOns experts will be happy to help you make the right choice.

Which model will be ideal for you? A full-rimmed frame would be appropriate if you want to visually change the contour of your face and hide imperfections. In the 2022 Adensco Collection, you will find a wide variety of offers for round, square, oval, rectangular, and other face types. We recommend wearing rounded frames if you have sharp and straight features. Square and rectangular options are suitable for people with soft contours if they want to look decisive and business-like. Eyeglasses for ladies and gentlemen are in separate Adensco collections. Many guys and girls today, as well as people who want to look younger than their years, prefer a unisex style. Be free in your choice, especially since the reputable Italian brand gives you such an opportunity.

If you are unsure of your choice, go for the timeless and versatile Aviators. Adensco offers a wide range of classic and revolutionary models for those who like to shock others. The EyeOns website is available in desktop and mobile versions. The convenient search engine is at your service. Browse and order stylish and elegant accessories from the world's best manufacturers at any time of the day or night, on your PC and smartphone. You can also visit the pages of other legendary brands in our catalog – Diesel, Dior, DKNY, and so on. We work so that you can relax and enjoy absolute comfort, without breaks and days off. Looking elegant and intelligent is not difficult if you know where to buy the right accessories.