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Armani Exchange Eyeglasses

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Products: 124 of 3159


Armani Exchange is the clothing line for youth created by legendary couturier and style icon - Italian designer Giorgio Armani. When designing Armani Exchange, Giorgio Armani and the designers who helped him in this project were inspired by street style. Rebellious images of teenagers, challenge and brightness, the manifestation of individuality and freedom, the sound of dance music - all this is guessed in the fashionable line A|X from Armani. What is the difference between Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani? The first means informality, challenge, and “breath of the streets”, while Emporio Armani is classic, laconic and restrained elegance in everything from clothes to accessories. A|X is a good quality casual wear and accessories at affordable prices for the mass consumer.

Armani Exchange eyeglasses are distinguished by the simplicity of silhouettes combined with interesting details and a huge variety of vivid color schemes. Thanks to the use of first-class materials and modern production technologies, the company manages to achieve decent product quality. Armani Exchange offers an array of classic and contemporary models from traditionally looking square-shaped eyeglasses and rounds to playful Cat-eyes and familiar pilot-shaped eyeglasses. The brand does not force compromise, choosing between nice-looking and practicality - despite the good affordable price, everything is included and created in order to emphasize the youth, style, and individuality of their owners.