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Armani Exchange Eyeglasses

Armani Exchange is the clothing line for youth created by legendary couturier and style icon - Italian designer Giorgio Armani. When designing Armani Exchange, Giorgio Armani and the designers who helped him in this project were inspired by street style. Rebellious images of teenagers, challenge and brightness, the manifestation of individuality and freedom, the sound of dance music - all this is guessed in the fashionable line A | X from Armani. What is the difference between Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani? The first means informality, challenge, and “breath of the streets”, while Emporio Armani is classic, laconic and restrained elegance in everything from clothes to accessories.

A | X is a good quality casual wear and accessories at affordable prices for the mass consumer. Armani Exchange eyeglasses are distinguished by the simplicity of silhouettes combined with interesting details and a huge variety of vivid color schemes. Thanks to the use of first-class materials and modern production technologies, the company manages to achieve decent product quality. Armani Exchange offers an array of classic and contemporary models from traditionally looking square-shaped eyeglasses and rounds to playful Cat-eyes and familiar pilot-shaped eyeglasses. The brand does not force compromise, choosing between nice-looking and practicality - despite the good affordable price, everything is included and created in order to emphasize the youth, style, and individuality of their owners.

The Italian fashion house Armani is known all over the world and has long been associated with impeccable style and quality. Armani Exchange is a branch of the famous brand Giorgio Armani, which differs from the main line in more affordable prices, youth direction, and conciseness of its designs. These frames and sunglasses are manufactured by Luxottica, whose portfolio also includes Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani. Armani Exchange products are unique glasses that will become unsurpassed gifts for all those who know a lot about quality things and are connoisseurs of the unique style of Giorgio Armani. By choosing glasses of this brand at EyeOns, you get high-quality and reliable products created using high-quality materials and modern mechanisms. To create the brand, the designer looked for inspiration mainly on the streets of the city, overflowing with bright images, rebellious moods, and dance music. The brand is more focused on youth and is distinguished by the simplicity of sketches, so glasses can be considered universal accessories that fit almost any look.

You will be pleased with the diversity of the Armani Exchange range - EyeOns offers you diverse options for glasses, but each of the pairs has the recognizable mark of Giorgio Armani. At its core, the new direction has become a kind of adaptation of podium images to the realities of life in the metropolis. The main target audience is residents of large cities who cannot imagine their life without fashionable novelties. Therefore, the glasses look catchy and bold but remain practical. The use of the latest technologies and first-class materials is what allows the company to achieve a decent quality of its products. Today, the brand, founded in 1991, occupies a leading position among companies offering fashion products for young people. Among the range of Armani Exchange products in our online store, you can buy Butterfly glasses, which will be a great accent to your look; Cat-Eye glasses, which will add playfulness to you; or classic rectangular models, which will add solidity to you.  Whatever you want, you are guaranteed to see in the EyeOns product catalog!

Armani eyewear for women and men shares the same distinctive features as other Armani designer products, giving them a stylistic advantage over other similar companies. Just by looking at the collections of Armani Exchange, it is already clear that in each frame of the glasses there are very strong influences from the world of fashion, which are enriched by a carefully selected palette of available colors. Now known worldwide, the Armani logo is featured prominently on almost every item in the eyewear line, acting as your assurance of unique design and manufacturing quality. If we talk about colors, then the main part of the collections is produced in classic variants for a fashion house: black, white, pastel, and burgundy colors. These shades are always relevant and are already considered classics, especially in the masterful combination that the designer comes up with. If you're interested in these classic shades but couldn't find what you're looking for in the Armani Exchange, we're sure you'll be satisfied with other brands like ic! berlin which also boasts the uniqueness of its style and quality of products.

Armani Exchange glasses are always in fashion - the designer creates models that go well with clothes and always look stylish. There are both classic forms and the most fashionable trends this season, such as Aviator glasses, which will definitely not go unnoticed. When it comes to the most seductive designer glasses for women, it's hard not to think of Armani Exchange frames. When you hear the name of this brand, you immediately know that you are dealing with the richest texture, bold and unsurpassed design. The latest additions to the Armani Exchange at EyeOns line of designer frames and eyewear can let a woman discover her bright side. We often see the misconception that designer brands are exclusively for women, but in fact, Armani Exchange offers a variety of eyewear for men that show respect for the world of men's fashion.