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Carrera Eyeglasses 

Carrera™ - 1120

$76.07 - $84.17

Carrera™ - 4408

$80.58 - $81.08

Carrera™ - 243

$73.57 - $85.14

Carrera™ - 248

$79.82 - $82.75

Carrera™ - 249

$80.24 - $82.75

Carrera™ - 8859

$86.08 - $94.94

Carrera™ - 8860

$76.58 - $90.04

Carrera™ - 8862

$73.57 - $85.14

Carrera is the worldwide eyewear leader which produces sunglasses, prescription frames, and sports protective equipment - ski masks, helmets, and goggles for motorcyclists. The company was launched in 1956 by Wilhelm Anger who was inspired by motor racing and wanted to change the world of eyewear adding the highest innovative technologies into design, manufacturing, and materials. Carrera now is managed by Safilo group - a very reputed eyewear manufacturer known for traditional Italian craftsmanship, original mastery, high quality, and innovative unmatched designs of all its products. It is one of the biggest and most trustworthy companies among the optician designers and distributors in the premium sector of eyewear.    

The Carrera glasses collection combines the latest innovative technologies, stylish design, and unrivaled production quality. Functional yet fashionable eyeglasses are made of flexible and lightweight acetate, metal, or nylon. Frames are extra durable and very comfortable to wear. Carrera offers full-rim, semi-rimless, and rimless variants of glasses in different catching colors from traditional tones of tortoiseshell, black, dark, and neutral to more colorful expressive hues. The brand showcases traditional simple shapes such as rectangular, round, or oval and at the same time, the collections always exude fresh, modern aesthetic, refinement, and originality corresponding with the latest fashion tendencies.

As we can notice, the well-known Carrera brand is unquestionably one of the largest, highly respected, and crazy popular fashion houses of all past and present times. This company was launched by Wilhelm Anger in the last century but at that time it made sports goggles and helmets. An interesting fact is that Wilhelm has chosen the name Carrera after the iconic and timeless Carrera Pan-American sports car race. Today, the Carrera brand is known for its high-quality plastic frames, and this is not surprising, because the founder previously worked for a smaller company that produced plastic glasses. And so he transferred his experience and knowledge to his new Carrera company, but do not forget to improve the plastic material and the technology of its use. As follows we can see that the founder has worked hard to make his company world-known and top-rated at the same time.

Later in 1964, for the first time in its history, Anger patented Optyl, a new form of resin that was extremely durable and solid, in addition, hypoallergenic and twenty percent lighter than all other plastics materials used in the glasses industry. This innovative material named resin provided high elasticity and flexibility and also dimensional stability, meaning it would adapt to and repeat after the wearer’s face with a “memory effect”. That allows eyewear to keep in mind their original shape. So, it means when glasses are bent out of place, they will return to their original shape over and over again.  It is really a pleasure to know that you can not worry about the sunglasses wearing out or losing their original appearance. Moreover, sunglasses made of this material are easier to wear and more comfortable to wear. As we can understand the impact that this material had on the industry was huge and everyone wanted to make glasses from such innovative material.

Looking at their geolocation, namely close proximity to the Alps mountains inspired the Carrera brand to begin to produce innovative and top-rated ski goggles and helmets. At the same time, the Austrian talented creator Udo Proksch made a new model of sunglasses that was named Viennaline, and then it was released and after that moment such design gained crazy popularity and everyone started to wear these glasses.  Later in 1966, the Carrera company decided to expand its arrangement and licensing business and started creating and crafting sunglasses for different well-known fashion brands and fashion houses. It is a well-known fact that they acquired the rights to the world-known and talented company and brand Christian Dior eyewear in the 60s and from that moment changed the game forever.

Whilst they dominated the sports industry they also increased the number of brands that they were producing under license throughout this period to include Movado, Boeing, and Hugo Boss. Nowadays Carrera glasses are available in a number of different and not similar shapes such as Cat-eye, oval, Rectangle, square, Browline, and many others. Each of them will be perfect for all types of faces starting from round and heart-shaped and going to square and oval. Carrera brand always takes care of unique design and styles of their eyeglasses that will be perfect for all tastes. Be sure that with such eyeglasses you will get both well-recognized label eyewear and uncommon designs to draw all the attention and always stay in the spotlight.

But eye-catching and good-looking designs are not the only benefit of Carrera eyeglasses. All glasses of this brand are crafted from high-quality materials. At our online shop, you can find glasses made from acetate material created with cellulose, which contains, as you know, in plants. As follows, such sunglasses are made from natural and renewable sources. Also, top-rated metal is used in Carerra eyeglasses. It means that they are durable, strong, solid, and at the same time resist corrosion. In addition, you will not be going to have heavy feelings on your face because metal frames are relatively thin and lightweight. Of course, we do not forget to mention the famous Carrera material - the finest plastic. This brand is specialized in plastic materials and due to that eyeglasses are well-knew to be lighter in weight and also stronger. Another high-quality stuff is titanium which has huge flexibility and is able to bend without breaking. This material is extremely strong, and lightweight which is well-suited for eyeglasses frames. In addition, titanium stuff doesn't corrode. Go through our wide assortment of Carrera eyeglasses and refresh your wardrobe with such a timeless and fashionable accessory right now. Please be welcome and enjoy!