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Carrera Ducati Eyewear Collection

Carrera™ - CARDUC 001/S

$125.00 - $155.00

Carrera™ - CARDUC 003/S

$125.00 - $155.00

Carrera™ - CARDUC 004/S

$145.00 - $180.00

Carrera™ - CARDUC 006/S

$180.00 - $210.00

Carrera™ - CARDUC 011/S

$135.00 - $165.00

Carrera™ - CARDUC 012/S

$135.00 - $165.00

Carrera™ - CARDUC 020/S

$160.00 - $190.00

In 2022, the world-known company Ducati and the famous eyewear brand Carrera signed a contract for a long-lasting partnership to create dual-brand optical spectacles and sunglasses designed especially for sports and motorbike fans. Both companies share a great passion for sport and design, the wonderful skill to pair technology and modern styles, and innovative methods in manufacturing. As a result, they launched an amazing Carrera Ducati eyewear collection that includes bold, exclusive, and eye-catching frames crafted for energized and fashion-forward wearers who adore sports glasses of an individual design. Every pair of eyeglasses or shades from this collection looks perfect, featuring excellent durability and unparalleled comfort.

Carrera Ducati Eyewear Collection

The series of glasses crafted by Ducati and Carrera is inspired by the Panigale V4, the most high-performance motorcycle. Every model reflects the geometry and shape of Ducati's famous bike with its unmatched aerodynamics and amazing profile. Carrera and Ducati said their frames were designed to wear even under the motorcycle helmet. Both sunglasses and eyeglasses from the collection feature a distinctive design and excellent functionality to provide maximum UV protection as well as improve vision perfectly. Only top-rated materials like weightless titanium and durable carbon fiber were chosen meticulously to make glasses of premium quality.

Carrera Ducati Frames

Take a look at a rectangle-shaped model CARDUC 003/S offered in four amazing colors to match any contemporary wardrobe. A full-rimmed polyamide inj-gril frame is designed for modern and self-confident men who are searching for outstanding accessories of excellent quality. Get 100% protection from the sun and a super-stylish look! A pair of sunglasses CARDUC 006/S features a rectangle shape to deliver unmatched quality, comfort, and functionality. Available in three eye-catching color options, this interesting model will be a perfect complement to any fashion-forward man who prefers sporty and exclusive accessories.

Carrera Ducati Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

Optical frames from the Carrera Ducati eyewear collection are designed with meticulous attention to every detail and using the latest technologies. The rectangle-shaped pair of optical glasses CARDUC 009 is designed with new refined temples, inspired by the perfect shapes of the Panigale. This ultra-lightweight and super-comfortable semi-rimless frame is made from polyamide inj-gril and stainless steel of the best quality. Another pair of men's eyeglasses, CARDUC 008 features a thin square spectacle made from a mix of weightless metal and durable acetate and is paired with aerodynamic temples. This is a versatile and elegant model ideal for everyday wearing to improve your vision.

Two world-recognized brands, Carrera and Ducati, have crafted their impressive and exclusive collection of unique and lightweight glasses for modern and fashion-forward men who adore motorsport and bikes. Each frame features an individual design and excellent performance to complete your outfit perfectly. Discover our virtual store to choose from the exclusive styles from the Carrera Ducati eyewear collection. Complete your sporty and bold look with a pair of unique sunglasses or optical frames of unparalleled ergonomics and wonderful quality proudly embellished with logos of both famous companies. You can easily wear these glasses under a helmet!