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Carrera Oval Sunglasses

Carrera™ - 2006T/S

$67.62 - $83.33

Carrera™ - 151/S

$92.12 - $109.89

Carrera™ - 167/S

$110.55 - $115.73

Carrera™ - 208/S

$102.29 - $109.89

Carrera™ - 216/G/S

$92.12 - $109.89

Carrera™ - 8033/GS

$119.12 - $121.58

Austrian entrepreneur Wilhelm Anger founded the Carrera brand in 1956. One of the riskiest and exciting car races Carrera Panamericana inspired Anger to give this name to his company. At the dawn of its existence, the company produced sports sunglasses and protective helmets, then everyday sunglasses and ophthalmic frames were added to the range. The technologies used in modern Carrera eyewear collections come from the distant 1960s. It was then that Wilhelm Anger patented a special polymer material - Optyl, which was distinguished by its incredible lightness and what is very important - the material is 100% hypoallergenic. Frames made of Optyl have a memory effect, they are not deformed at high or low temperatures. 

In addition to top-notch materials and an attentive approach to details and finishes, the designers of the brand do not forget about current trends, creating unique pieces of eyewear every season while maintaining a light vintage touch. A variety of shapes, from gorgeous updated Aviators to ovals, rounds, or rectangles, make it possible to choose ultra-fashionable sunglasses for every taste. In partnership with the Safilo Group since 1996, the Carrera brand is also involved in collaborations with famous brands and celebrities, continuing to delight lovers of quality optics with cool new creations that are always at the top of sales.