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Oversized Glasses Frames for Men and Women

Balenciaga™ - BB0004S

$226.53 - $367.50

Balenciaga™ - BB0049S

$197.56 - $303.75

Balenciaga™ - BB0056S

$285.00 - $303.75

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1045S

$330.00 - $363.75

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1047S

$330.00 - $371.25

Burberry™ - BE4291

$153.57 - $162.31

Burberry™ - Rose BE4298

$147.44 - $185.43

Polo™ - PH4156

$83.79 - $107.16

Saint Laurent™ - SL 314

$303.75 - $345.00

Saint Laurent™ - SL M24/K

$296.25 - $326.25

Saint Laurent™ - SL M39/K

$315.00 - $356.25

Jimmy Choo™ - Andie/S

$230.85 - $241.10

Jimmy Choo™ - Elva/S

$204.12 - $293.15

Jimmy Choo™ - Tilda/G/S

$147.00 - $180.01

Balenciaga™ - BB0069S

$244.89 - $397.50

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1049O

$341.25 - $371.25

Everyone knows about today’s latest squeak of fashion - stylish and modish Oversized eyewear. Oversized clothes are a highly popular trend which has been going on for quite some time. And what about oversized eyeglasses? Now they are trendy too! You can notice them everywhere in different fashion magazines, in the city’s shops and boutiques and it is not surprising because they are popular and convenient at the same time.  But if we look retrospectively we can notice that Oversized sunglasses became popular a long time ago. In the 1960's First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis famously wore such massive and fashionable glasses. The unusual design of Oversized sunglasses took off and after that moment women from all over the world purchased them to mimic the ones worn by her.

Later in the 1960s fashionable Teashades sunglasses appeared, also known as John Lennon glasses. They were very popular among people of different ages but united by the love of fashion. Unfortunately, after such wild popularity, they have largely fallen out of fashion since then. But Oversized eyewear is here to stay and they are all the rage. Today the celebrity and fashionista Paris Hilton made a comeback for Oversized glasses due to making incredible outfits with them. And like many years ago this fashion trend is picked up by men and women who are keen on fashion from all over the world. And it is not surprising that Oversized glasses have a lot of fans years later because they are going to make any of your look high-fashion.

The wide frame of Oversized glasses is definitely going to draw all the attention to you. A lot of fashionistas prefer large and massive frames to small and thin ones because they add a certain sophistication to the look and immediately turn you into an elegant and impressive person.  When you wear Oversized eyewear, prepare to be in the spotlight and the center of attention. Such an accessory will inspire you to arrange several occasions for you and your friends or go to a variety of events. As follows, you can wear them to a business meeting, for a date, for a walk, or grab them on a beach - they will be suitable everywhere.  Also, glasses are available in a number of trendy shades that complete any of your looks with an amazing touch.

As we know, sunglasses were created to help to protect our eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. An interesting fact is that these rays exist not only in the summer season but in the winter season too. As follows it is important to put sunnies on if you want to stay healthy. There can be many various forms of glasses: round, oval, or square; Cat-eye, Clubster, or Aviator shaped. But Oversized sunglasses perfectly cope with protection function due to a wider frame in comparison with traditional ones. Plus, such a massive size of this eyewear is going to cover a vulnerable area around the eyes. But don’t worry, “Oversized” does not mean a fixed size - it’s about what is proportionally looked oversized relative to your facial features.

Ultraviolet radiation can be even more dangerous and threatening to people’s health, especially to unprotected eyes. But don't be upset, sunnies will help you to protect not only your eyelids but also the retina and cornea of your eye. Wearing Oversized sunglasses outside is an important and useful idea because ultraviolet light can cause damage even on cloudy and rainy days. This eyewear also prevents UV rays from causing skin cancer around your eyelids. From this dangerous radiation, you can have headaches and migraines. Wearing the right sunglasses can be an effective solution to reducing the frequency and intensity of these unpleasant aches. This is especially true when the pain you experience is linked to bright lights.

Eyeglasses are useful for people's health too because they help us to see better and make our vision sharper. But nowadays there are so many shapes of glasses that exist that choosing the right one can be a real challenge and even a problem. Everyone once in life wondered which shape is right for me? Or maybe become unsure about whether a certain style suits them. But it’s very easy to determine. One of the most important factors is face sharpness. For heart-shaped faces suitable will be Aviators, for square faces suitable will be Cat-Eye eyeglasses. A perfect fit guarantees Rectangular and butterfly shaped eyeglasses for round faces. And almost any type of eyeglasses will suit people with oval faces, especially square eyeglasses.

But Oversized eyeglasses look perfect with any face type, they will emphasize and highlight the natural balance of your facial features. With such an accessory you will have both a fashionable and stylish look and instantly catch the attention of your face. Oversized glasses played a substantial role in the creation of numerous unforgettable fashion images. This is undoubtedly a stylish thing. And what is more remarkable is that almost any outfit can be combined with this spectacular accessory. They will perfectly supply any type of clothes from casual and classic to sporty and extraordinary ones. They're splendidly suited for almost any occasion. Everybody can wear them to create a completely impressive look with a high-fashion touch.  Make your choice and get the benefits of online shopping on EyeOns!