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Titanium Glasses Frames for Men and Women

Boss™ - 0976

$143.18 - $149.05

Boss™ - 1014

$143.18 - $149.05

Boss™ - 1068/F

$143.18 - $149.05

Boss™ - 1070/F

$143.18 - $149.05

Boss™ - 1071/F

$143.18 - $149.05

Giorgio Armani™ - AR5097T

$300.73 - $302.23

Giorgio Armani™ - AR5098T

$292.78 - $302.28

Giorgio Armani™ - AR6115T

$252.13 - $284.16

What we know about titanium is that it is a refractory metal absolutely indispensable in aerospace industry. This amazing material is valuable for its good corrosion resistance and ability to withstand extremes of temperature thus it easily can be broken at cold and even room temperature.

Titanium alloys are lightweight and strong. Among other remarkable properties are its non-toxicity and bio-compatibility. This makes its usage highly demanded in medical and eyewear industries being a perfect material for various implants and firm glasses frames. Frames from pure titanium are more expensive than those made of titanium alloys with other metals and components. Having naturally a silver color, frames from titanium can be tinted in different colors but the range of colors is somewhat limited in comparison with plastic frames.
Such hi-tech stylish eyewear made of titanium is the best choice for elegant and demanded owner who appreciates comfort, style and exclusivity.