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David Beckham Timeless Icons Eyewear Collection

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We are sure that you definitely know about handsome English football player David Beckham, but he is not just a sporty and good-looking football captain but also the talented creator of high-quality eyewear. David Beckham’s company shows his vision of stylish and modern eyewear, with a constant dedication to quality. The motto of his company we found in one of his interviews sounds like "I set out to create glasses that would never go out of style. Special pieces that I would love to wear myself". And this motto turned out one hundred percent. Not so long ago he created the Timeless Icons Collection which was crafted from the very finest materials.

David Beckham Timeless Icons Eyewear Collection

The first and very important feature of David Beckham’s products and the Timeless Icons Collection is first-rate materials that are always used in the crafting process. The collection was created in collaboration with the leading Italian luxury eyewear brand Safilo, with the direct participation and curation of David Beckham himself. Great preference is given to details and simplicity. The owner of a brand once said that his personal experience in fashion taught him that simplicity is the best feature that can be in style. We can notice that on this elegant and amazing DB 1049 model. Such a modern oval shape will be perfect for any face type. Meticulous attention to detail is noticeable in David Beckham’s eyewear. For example, his DB monogram that you can find in all glasses made by this brand. You can see on DB 1050 such a feature. Made from high-quality plastic they will be lighter than other sunglasses.

David Beckham Timeless Icons Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

All the eyewear has its own Talisman. So what is that mysterious peculiarity? You can find such the Talisman on all sunglasses and it refers to the collection’s signature detail. This item is located on the side of the eyepiece and brings to mind the image of a bird that symbolizes freedom, strength, and independence. Just look at this detail as an example on these sunglasses DB 1059/F. Isn’t that adorable? A Rectangle shape will emphasize your facial features, especially the cheekbones.

David Beckham Timeless Icons Frames

In the Timeless Icons Collection were used special lenses. A model DB 1006/S is available in different lens colors that will be perfectly suitable for different clothing styles for various events and occasions. Moreover, such lenses were created by David Beckham for a reason. They have their own names such as orange-tinted, mineral, polarized, blue block, and photochromatic. Don’t worry, these lenses do not obstruct vision and do not discord surrounding view. Vice versa, they ensure crystal clear vision no matter the conditions. Such a feature will give your outfit a retrospective effect that makes glasses from this collection timeless.

And we cannot forget to say that all products from the Timeless Icons Collection and not only in it have the unique temple signature. Inside the temples, you can find information that eyewear was created by David Beckham. For instance, DB 1036/S sunglasses have this signature too. Such sunnies are accessible in different colors that will be perfect for any type of clothes. And in addition, this unique temple signature will be visible from both sides of the sunglasses. All products of this collection you can find at our store online. Discover this really timeless collection and find a perfect pair for yourself. Welcome, and enjoy!