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David Beckham Eyeglasses

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Products: 124 of 91


David Beckham is known by people all over the world for his stunning football career as well as success in modeling, social life, and business. At the beginning of 2020, he has introduced his own brand of eyeglasses created in tandem with a famous company Safilo Group that produces great Italian eyewear of the best quality. Each pair of his eyeglasses has a unique DB monogram that provides the item with an individual style and impressive look. The whole collection is made in a simple British design and excellent detailing to give an owner of eyewear a feeling of comfort and confidence. Eyeglasses are almost weightless thanks to thin frames produced from high-quality stainless steel. 

Simple lines and bold design from the most talented masters in a combination with outstanding materials have found a result in perfect eyewear for everyday use. Each pair has a tiny detail that adds to eyeglasses a touch of individuality: it's a special Talisman that looks like the little wings of a bird. This is a symbol of flight, freedom, and lightness that fills every product of the elegant DB Eyewear collection. Being very attentive to the tiniest details, Beckham has made perfect glasses of masculine design offered in a range of colors. This eyewear is for decisive, brave, and strong-willed men who follow their goals and know exactly what they want from life.