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David Beckham Eyeglasses

David Beckham is known by people all over the world for his stunning football career as well as success in modeling, social life, and business. At the beginning of 2020, he has introduced his own brand of eyeglasses created in tandem with a famous company Safilo Group that produces great Italian eyewear of the best quality. Each pair of his eyeglasses has a unique DB monogram that provides the item with an individual style and impressive look. The whole collection is made in a simple British design and excellent detailing to give an owner of eyewear a feeling of comfort and confidence. Eyeglasses are almost weightless thanks to thin frames produced from high-quality stainless steel. 

Simple lines and bold design from the most talented masters in a combination with outstanding materials have found a result in perfect eyewear for everyday use. Each pair has a tiny detail that adds to eyeglasses a touch of individuality: it's a special Talisman that looks like the little wings of a bird. This is a symbol of flight, freedom, and lightness that fills every product of the elegant DB Eyewear collection. Being very attentive to the tiniest details, Beckham has made perfect glasses of masculine design offered in a range of colors. This eyewear is for decisive, brave, and strong-willed men who follow their goals and know exactly what they want from life.  

Created in collaboration with leading luxury eyewear manufacturers Safilo in Italy, David Beckham has created a collection of timeless frames made from the finest materials. His exacting taste and attention to detail combined an exceptional contemporary aesthetic with traditional craftsmanship. “My own travel style has taught me the power of simplicity, the importance of detail and craftsmanship,” says David Beckham. The careful production of noble design products promises the highest quality of exquisite products. With chic eyeglasses from David Beckham, you are guaranteed an extraordinary look. At EyeOns you will find an elegant and timeless design offering many combinations, especially since we have a variety of choices for men. So you can recreate your style every day and express your creativity in fashion. Our range of David Beckham eyeglasses features a variety of frames to suit your face shape. You can easily choose the color and shape according to your personal taste and wishes.

Eyewear from David Beckham is an expressive fashion with a long tradition. The brand has developed its unique style over the years. With the brand's accessories, you will make a fashionable accent that exudes elegance and style. In addition to bags and jewelry, you can add a unique luxurious touch to your summer look with these eyeglasses. Vivid color transitions and a sophisticated design make this glamorous accessory truly eye-catching. Whether slim or oversized, David Beckham eyeglasses will add color and vibrancy to your outfit. David Beckham eyewear has remained unchanged for many years and is already an integral part of fashion. Always innovative and trendy, these eyeglasses will always be the most stylish accessory. Sporty functionality and a fashionable sense of style are deeply rooted in the iconic brand's philosophy.  

The brand’s team understands the link between sport and fashion. David Beckham eyewear is about quality and design that is always relevant. EyeOns offers a wide range of David Beckham eyeglasses in various designs and colors. The originality in the interpretation of the classic forms of models, as well as modern trends, makes each model of the brand something unique. All love and passion for the work of the brand`s team you can clearly see in the David Beckham Style Pioneer Collection. Just after you see the models from this collection, you already understand that this is what you were waiting for. In our online store, you will find the right model for every face shape. Typical features of David Beckham eyeglasses can be found in all models. High wearing comfort thanks to lightweight materials and thoughtful design, precision mechanical components and fine details that create a sporty and practical elegance make these products a stylish companion.  Pair them with your favorite outfit, play with color and shape and always be stylish. Quality and loyalty to traditions are the credos of the brand. All David Beckham eyeglasses feature high-quality materials and stunning designs. Born from a passion for style, the brand embodies a sporty lifestyle with fashion. 

The brand's models combine a passion for sports and design. The company manages to successfully combine fashion trends and timeless classics. The simple frame impresses with fresh colors and details, and the lenses are available in many shades and colorways-from classic black to elegant gold. But you can also find Aviator eyeglasses, retro models, and other eyewear styles for men from David Beckham at EyeOns. You can find a large selection of David Beckham eyeglasses and sunglasses in our online store. If timeless and classic are your thing, our range of products includes gorgeous eyewear for women, men, and unisex that can be paired with many looks. If you like trendy glasses that impress with unusual designs, you can also quickly find what you are looking for in David Beckham products.  Discover vibrant colors, colorful prints, and interesting color gradations. Thus, you can individually decide which model best suits your style of wardrobe.