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Dunhill Glasses and Eyewear

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Products: 124 of 53

The Dunhill business was started in 1893 by A. Dunhill who inherited his father’s business and soon decided to produce motor car accessories under the name “Dunhill Motorities.” He also came up with a new slogan: “Everything but the motor.” Today, Alfred Dunhill Limited (known as Dunhill) is a British luxury brand that doesn’t need an introduction. Using the knowledge amassed over decades, Dunhill has become an expert in British men’s apparel, fashion accessories, leather goods, fragrances, writing instruments, and more. For over a century, Dunhill has provided quintessentially British gentlemen with luxurious fashion accessories that perfectly combine quality materials with iconic style.

To date, the brand’s name remains synonymous with the style that never dates. Promising the best in classic, Dunhill goods are hard to beat in terms of quality and functionality. Known worldwide as a leading brand in men’s luxury clothing and accessories, Dunhill can boast of an exclusive line of vintage sunglasses and eyeglasses that live up to the description of “rare and unique.” To craft their signature eyewear frames, Dunhill utilizes only premium-grade materials like lightweight titanium, color-rich stainless steel, and acetate. Plus, Dunhill lenses are constructed using impact-resistant material and provide outstanding UV protection. 


Founded in 1893 in England, Dunhill has grown into a fashion powerhouse, leading the way in elegant clothing and accessories for the quintessential English gentleman. Many things have changed over the years, but the luxury brand remains true to its timeless philosophy of unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Dunhill is recognized across the globe for its noble vintage eyewear that sets the standard with sophisticated style and high-caliber design. The innovation of the company was in spring-loaded joints on the bridge of the frame so that the frame could adapt to the wearer’s anatomy, delivering superior all-day-long comfort.

Completely new technologies have been developed many years ago to create the exclusive, timeless sunglasses and eyeglasses that are nowadays among definite must-haves of every fashion lover and those who live the gentleman’s lifestyle. Dunhill’s demand for perfection has always been strong; that’s why Dunhill accessories are the ultimate complement to the outfit, making customers stand out from the rest and enjoy the benefits and comfort of a pair of glasses. Sophistication, style, and quality are perfectly combined in every pair of Dunhill glasses, setting them apart from the competition.


Dunhill is a globally recognized luxury brand that was established by a twenty-one-year-old Mr. Alfred Dunhill in 1893 after he inherited his father’s saddler business. The first collection of accessories developed by Dunhill was called “Dunhill’s Motorities” and included leather overcoats, goggles, lamps, car horns, and much more. 

Within a few years, the business was refocused towards the luxury market and later on the brand became also known for motoring attire. By the late seventies, the company has expanded its product line to include over three thousands of luxury goods in more than 20 stores around the world. In the nineties, Dunhill’s store on Jermyn Street was renovated to become a private club with a barber’s shop and marble-floored humidor.

Always ahead of the game, Dunhill launched the unique ”Windshield Pipe” in the beginning of the twentieth century. That was the first pipe that allowed drivers to smoke on-the-go. Soon, Dunhill pipes became known as a symbol of quality. The Dunhill name is also strongly associated with a fine collection of fragrances. 

The brand’s first fragrance – “Dunhill For Men” – dates back to the mid-thirties. Since then, the company has expanded its male fragrance portfolio that exudes luxury and sophistication. Today the company owns and operates a leather workshop in London and is currently owned by Richemont Holdings Limited.