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Dunhill Rollagas Eyewear Collection

Dunhill™ - DU0026S

$242.76 - $397.50

Dunhill™ - DU0029S

$194.70 - $303.75

Dunhill is a world-known and time-tested British brand of luxurious goods that was launched in 1893 which is more than a century ago. Now, this well-recognized company specializes in producing premium quality menswear, fragrances, writing implements, leather products, and many sophisticated add-ons, including amazing eyewear. It's interesting that the founder, Alfred Dunhill, inherited a father's saddlery and started with a simple collection of car accessories. As time went by, he continued to experiment with the range of goods and did his best to expand production. Today, his brand enjoys popularity and gains a lot of love from the customers as the products they order are delivered safely and feature the highest quality. Dunhill's eyewear is a godsend for everyone who follows the trends and cherishes the art.

Dunhill Rollagas Eyewear Collection

Recently, the brand presented a unique Rollagas collection - it was inspired by the brand’s lighters that were invented in the 1970s. Interesting fact: Elvis Presley was one of the most notable owners of a gold lighter crafted by this company. He got it as a gift from his manager named Colonel Parker. Dunhill's products were quite recognizable as they had a special signature as a part of the design. The brand knows its roots and draws inspiration from its own successful lines for future collections of luxurious goods. Besides bags, messengers, and wallets, Rollagas also includes amazing sunglasses that, just as well-known and much-loved lighters, have signatures on their surfaces. The manufacturers placed them in the upper left lens corners of each pair. Let's discover more about these unique sunnies that will amaze you with their modern and elegant design.

Dunhill Rollagas Sunglasses

If you are looking for a decent pair of sunglasses, pay attention to this amazing Irregular DU0026S model that is available in four different color combinations. These sunglasses are crafted from superior titanium and guarantee lifelong service to their wearer. When your goal is to get a modest rimless pair of sunnies, these shades can become one of the best options so far. If you are searching for a full-rim model, then it makes sense to consider these ideal Rectangle DU0033S sunglasses suitable for fashion-forward men who want to add a touch of masculine energy to their images. Made from acetate, they feature eco-friendliness, durability, and flexibility. Also, these sunnies will be a perfect choice for those with delicate skin as this material is hypoallergenic.

Dunhill Rollagas Frames

Here is another outstanding DU0029S model from the Rollagas collection inspired by their vintage lighters. You can even see a special gold-colored rectangular design element on the surface of the temples. These sunglasses are presented in three wonderful tones so you could pick the one that appeals to you the most. This full-rim accessory will keep your eyes safe and create an image of a mysterious and self-confident man. You can either come up with a classy or casual outfit. Also, there are sculpted Rollagas Geometric Square sunglasses from this collection you may really like - they feature engraved wire core temples and a great design. Interestingly, this model includes hand-made internal hinges that in their own way are referencing the mechanism of Dunhill's Lock Bag. If you want to create a masculine and dramatic look, this modern and elegant eyewear is an ideal choice.

As an official retailer, we offer to get the original eyewear from Dunhill's Rollagas and observe the models in detail at our online store. Here, you can find all available color combinations and take a closer look at the products and all of their features. The Dunhill brand presented a one-of-a-kind selection of sunglasses for men that brings nothing but premium quality and unmatched functionality. If you want to refresh your outfits and spruce up the whole wardrobe in general, you have come to the right place. The Rollagas collection is a unique way to create a brand-new image and boost your self-confidence. These sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and bring your visual comfort to a new level. Elegant and voguish, the eyewear from the Rollagas collection will become your favorite accessories for sure.