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Dunhill Eyeglasses

Dunhill™ - DU0040OA

$192.49 - $363.75

Dunhill™ - DU0047OA

$171.87 - $292.50

Dunhill™ - DU0043OA

$213.01 - $390.00

Dunhill™ - DU0050OA

$131.88 - $217.50

Dunhill™ - DU0006O

$199.20 - $363.75

Dunhill™ - DU0007O

$199.20 - $363.75

Dunhill™ - DU0017OJ

$192.49 - $337.50

Dunhill™ - DU0020OJ

$131.88 - $217.50

Dunhill™ - DU0021OJ

$131.88 - $217.50

Your eyeglasses are a way to express yourself. Among vintage eyewear, Dunhill’s collection of luxury eyeglasses takes a special place. Dunhill has always been synonymous with English style. We proudly stock a wide range of exclusive Dunhill eyewear to help you show off your unique style. Depending on the design and material, every pair of Dunhill glasses has its own character. You can choose from a wide range of super stylish frames and designs that will help you look and feel your best. We offer original models from the world's best manufacturers at reasonable prices. Use the search engine and filters to quickly and easily find and order a model to your taste and whim. Dunhill is a mindset and lifestyle for refined people. Become one of them – buy stylish and elegant eyeglasses.

But no matter the frame or color, every Dunhill pair is an unmatched combination of quality, functionality, and lifestyle. Manufactured using premium materials and advanced technologies, these glasses will give you an excellent opportunity to turn your vision correction into a fashion accessory. The best part about Dunhill eyeglasses is that they ensure a brilliant fit, providing the ultimate in all-day-long comfort. Take your time to discover dozens of eye-catching handmade pieces that will reflect your story and make you stand out above the rest. Please note that all accessories of this brand are made of materials that are safe for the skin and eyes. They are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and fully comply with international quality standards.

Materials such as titanium, acetate, metal, and plastic are available to demanding customers. Each of them has its own undeniable advantages and fits into the harmony of the style offered by Dunhill designers. The titanium frame is intended for respectable people with a firm life position and unshakable principles. The shine of metal better than other words will show your intentions and desires in difficult negotiations or meetings with high-ranking guests. But the metal frame is not quite suitable for everyday wear. Complement your style with acetate or plastic models during a picnic, romantic walk, or shopping trip. Eyeglasses will become an organic addition to your image if you choose the right size and design.

Experts recommend that the width of the frame be the same or slightly larger than the widest part of the face. In our catalog, you can choose the right model for the lens width, bridge width, temple length, and frame type. Rimless, semi-rimmed, and full-rimmed versions are available for demanding customers. Please note that full-rim frames change the appearance the most, so they are used to visually correct the shape of the face. Half-rimmed glasses are able to emphasize some of the characteristics of your appearance, while rimless options have the least effect on your image. Because each customer is unique and inimitable, we refrain from giving universal advice on choosing the ideal model. The latest Dunhill eyewear collection is extensive and varied, and you are sure to find what you need. 

There is a large selection of shades here. The color of the frame should match the color of the eyes or hair. As for the form, choose it depending on the type of face that nature has given you. Angular frames correspond to a round face, and round ones correspond to square and oblong faces. Experiment and create a new look. Perhaps the stylish and elegant Dunhill glasses will be the magic wand that will change your destiny. If you have an oval face, you can confidently wear everything that the legendary brand's portfolio offers – Aviators, Cat-Eyes, Wayfarers, Clubmasters, Oversizes, and round frames. In the Dunhill collection, men and women with different types of faces will find an appropriate accessory. Do not be a slave to fashion – listen to the voice of your heart and the advice of loved ones.

We also want to warn those who like to save money on careless purchases in bazaars or in dubious online stores. There are too many fakes for famous brands, and the more famous the manufacturer, the more fakes are offered by unscrupulous sellers. The EyeOns catalog contains only original products at reasonable prices. This is our credo, which we follow from the very beginning of our online store. Regardless of the materials used, cost, and design, customers are guaranteed the exclusive quality of the original and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other brands presented in our catalog – Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole, Kilter, and so on. Browse and order the products of the world's best brands at any time of the day or night.