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Products: 124 of 1380


Hugo Boss is one of the most sought after and stylish brands that epitomizes business fashion for men and women. Prestige, elegance and the highest quality are the main ingredients of the brand for successful people, celebrities and businessmen. Each collection of the brand demonstrates not only fashionable, but also discreetly chic products. It was the strict business suits of excellent quality that brought real success and capital inflow to the Hugo Boss fashion house. The target audience of the brand was clearly defined - these were successful men running their own business or conquering the top of the career ladder. 

Since 2000, the range of fashion lines has expanded: a women's line of clothing, footwear and accessories was launched. Now the fashion brand Hugo Boss is considered the world leader in strict luxury and casual clothing presented in collections of various price ranges. Hugo Boss Eyewear has been produced since 1990. Stylish design, high quality materials, recognizable symbols perfectly complement the image of successful and self-confident men and women.


The German fashion house Hugo Boss, commonly simply called Boss, was founded in 1924 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss and originally offered general-purpose clothing. Together with two partners, he began mass production of clothing for policemen, postmen and handymen. The assortment included shirts, jackets, work and sportswear. The founder of the brand did not think about fashion, about the high mission to decorate women and men emphasizing their elegance. He was a practical person with an entrepreneurial spirit. The first costume was released in 1954. This happened after the death of Hugo. The company continued living and development further thanks to the traditions of nepotism. In the fifties, the factory sewed suits for men and this was the first step to the interest in fashion trends.

Everything changed in 1967: the grandchildren of the founder, Johan and Uwe Holi took the company into their own hands. In the context of a general economic recovery, they took the company to the next higher level.  They laid a solid foundation in brand development. Everything created by Boss from clothing to accessories exude solidity and authority. The brand represents the classic style with its elegance and chic. Boss Eyewear collections of frames and sunglasses have been available since 1990 and perfectly suit classic clothing lines such as Black Label men and Boss Woman. Success, power and strength are associated with prestigious clothing of the German brand. Today, Hugo Boss is one of the most influential companies in the fashion world which has thousands of retail stores around the world.


This brand is one of the most famous world brands. Under this brand, classic-style clothes are produced for both men and women, as well as various accessories, shoes, bags, cosmetics and perfumes. The main production is located in Turkey while thousands of branded stores of the Hugo Boss are located around the world. Brand's history began in the twenties in Germany. The main goal for the brand's creator was practicality in clothing. Primarily, the company produced only military uniforms, clothing for workers, as well as overalls. 

The grandchildren of the founder brought success to the company, deciding to expand production and start sewing men's suits of strict style. Thanks to the successful production policy of the brand, Hugo Boss men's suits became a sought after men's wardrobe item in the United States, and later all over the globe. Then the clothing line began to expand, the production of coats, jackets, and shirts began. Classic shoes were added later. All clothing was intended for wealthy male customers who had their own business and occupied an appropriate place in society. The line of special golf clothing for representatives of high society appeared. Since 1993, perfumes of this brand have taken a leading position in the global market. 

In 2000, the production of clothes for women Hugo Boss, as well as women's shoes and all kinds of accessories was added. Thus Hugo Boss has evolved from a conventional sewing company to a fashion house. The design of all the clothes of this brand is developed by world-class designers. All models correspond to the latest trends in fashion, their cut is very accurate, decorative elements are original, and they are sewn from natural fabrics of the highest quality. Hugo eyewear combines classics, quality and authenticity. There is nothing superfluous in Hugo Boss glasses: laconicism of forms successfully complements the actual design, which turns each unique eyeglasses pair into a practical everyday accessory. The brand’s products are rightly called the standard of elegance and style making any ordinary image solid and representative.