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HUGO BOSS Eyeglasses

Hugo Boss™ - HG 0307

$73.57 - $83.33

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1007

$75.99 - $78.65

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1030

$73.57 - $80.66

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1004

$59.20 - $78.65

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1017

$73.57 - $83.33

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1019

$77.08 - $79.58

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1061

$69.04 - $79.58

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1089

$73.57 - $83.33

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1145

$79.58 - $91.88

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1122

$79.58 - $91.88

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1056

$73.57 - $80.66

Hugo Boss™ - HG 0151

$77.08 - $79.58

Hugo Boss started with men's apparel manufacturing in 1924 - that was the beginning of his eponymous brand. Nowadays it is one of the leading companies in the premium segment of the world's clothing market. It is also renowned for its footwear, accessories, fragrances and eyewear. Eyewear is produced and distributed by a leading and prestigious Italian company Safilo Group. Hugo Boss collections reflect the latest in eyewear style, fashion, and functionality and is known for its commitment to exceptional quality.

The latest Hugo Boss eyewear collection is created with the present-day man and woman in mind and features sharp, confident lines with vibrant splashes of color. Each frame combines elegant silhouette with modern eye-catching design and adds immediate individual charm to its wearer. Simple and universal designs with the youthful appeal are created in classic shapes such as rectangular, square, oval and round. Thin, lightweight metal or plastic glasses frames are available in a variety of different catching colors from traditional tones of tortoiseshell, black, dark and neutral to more colorful hues including exclusive brand's patterns and finishes. Hugo Boss is a symbol of class, style and sophistication which eyewear definitely adds some bold and elegant accents to one's image.

The Hugo Boss range includes a wide variety of optics, among which every woman can find a stylish, individually suitable accessory. For a successful purchase, you need to do two things. The first is to find a brand you can trust. The second is to choose the right option that will emphasize the beneficial aspects of your appearance, focus on the eyes and match your image. You have successfully completed the first step, and be sure that you will not have problems with the second either because our team of specialists will be happy to help you with the choice. Also, before choosing Hugo Boss glasses, you need to have an idea of ​​which particular model of optics will suit you the most. For normal everyday use, accessories with transparent glasses and thin rims are desirable. They can be metal and plastic and have a neutral shade. It would be advisable for people who follow fashion to pay attention to models that have a non-standard shape of the bridge of the nose, so your look is guaranteed to find a stylish finish.

Frames for everyday use must meet certain requirements. One of the most important points is the type of material. Metal or titanium samples are considered the most durable. They will serve for decades despite glass changes. For lovers of modern fashion and for those who are used to following trends, plastic Hugo Boss products with square rims are suitable for fans of retro style. It is also worth considering the weight of the glasses. It should be said that it is best to select lightweight models. They are comfortable in daily wear and long work with documentation or at a PC, so they are ideal for office work. In addition, when choosing a frame, you need to take into account your own color type. Provided that your appearance is dominated by warm shades, brown, red and orange will work well. For owners of cold color types, blue, pink, and beige shades are ideal. An option that is accepted by everyone is black and gray.

There is no single answer to the question of which frame is better - plastic or metal. It's more a matter of taste and preference. In favor of metal frames is that they are lighter and more durable. Metal frames, especially those with nose pads, are easier to adjust for fit. Modern technologies make it possible to manufacture frames from metals of different properties, paint them in different colors, give the frames different shapes, chrome, cover them with gold and platinum plating, and much more. Therefore, be sure that in the range of Hugo Boss products you will definitely be able to find the model of glasses that is ideal for you. Even 10 years ago, corrective optics was based on thin and graceful ovals, which framed the lenses by only 1-2 millimeters. Now trends are signaling that it is worth paying attention to products with massive, bright, catchy designs. But the first option should not be abandoned, especially if it represents an interesting geometry, for example, Butterfly models.

Those who like universal options will like light, rimless Hugo Boss glasses, with a silhouette modeled by the shape of the glass. They go with everything from casual to formal, so you can wear them to outings with friends or at work. Do you want to purchase an option specifically for the office? It should be said that even the strictest dress code of companies never applied to glasses and one could afford to wear bright frames with unusual finishes in the most conservative organization. Many stylists advise wearing rimless frame glasses in the office. This lightweight design allows you to see the eyes of the interlocutor so that you can establish closer contact with your counterpart and create an atmosphere of trust and confidence. The main thing to remember: no matter what glasses you choose for office work, remember that the main thing is your visual comfort, which provides both a frame of the correct shape and size and lenses that make office work pleasant and safe for the eyes. This is exactly what Hugo Boss models guarantee because the most important thing for the company's team is to make your life more comfortable.