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HUGO BOSS Sunglasses

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1068/S

$57.61 - $57.61

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1070/S

$55.74 - $57.61

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1086/S

$80.99 - $80.99

Pay attention to the complete designer collection of sunglasses for men and women from the Hugo brand, which is a company of Safilo group. The initially German brand named after its founder Hugo Boss was created in 1924. Firstly it was a workshop specialized on men's clothes manufacturing, but after a long way it evolved into a German luxury fashion house and expanded its abilities to footwear, accessories, fragrances and eyewear. Today's Hugo Boss is separated into Boss and Hugo lines. The license for eyeglasses and sunglasses was granted to Boss in 1989.  Hugo is a separate line of eyeglasses which is more progressive than Boss line and is oriented to young fashion-forward men and women. In our collection, you are sure to find the model you need, which will enhance the advantageous features of your face.

The brand's sunglasses combine classic and elegant silhouettes with innovative modern and avant-garde designs. They perfectly fit and bring the wearer a feeling of exceptional comfort and individual style. Some glasses have the reversed "HUGO" word mark on the lenses, which looks cool and makes a strong statement. For anybody who prefers classic frames with elegant rectangular, oval and round shapes, or familiar on-trend models such as polarized Aviators or Wayfarer inspired glasses – Hugo gives varied options for choice. You will be amazed with the array of colors, finishes and high-grade materials with glossy or matte finishes. Express your bold style with Hugo sunglasses. You do not even suspect how dramatically this accessory can change your image, lifestyle and destiny.

Like other items from Hugo Boss, the brand's sunglasses are pleasant to pick up and convenient to use. The graceful lines of the frames and temples merge with the contours of the face and ears into an organic unity, creating the image of the man you want to be in communication with colleagues, a loved one or a random fellow passenger on an airliner. Please note that some models are designed to hide your personality, while others are designed to emphasize it. If you are a public person, sunglasses will help you create a perfect disguise. In this case, you should choose a darker shade of glass and a thick frame, the shape of which will reduce the recognition of facial features. Transform yourself into a stylish stranger that even your own mother won't recognize with trendy and comfortable sunglasses from Hugo Boss. 

Sharp facial features are well hidden behind sunglasses with a rounded frame, and a round face will change beyond recognition when combined with the straight lines of the model. Avoid too much contrast between your face and sunglasses if you don't want to draw too much attention to yourself. Disguise is a subtle art that mostly affects the subconscious of those around you. If you want to blend in and, like Haroun al-Rashid, wander through the crowded streets unnoticed, stylish and elegant glasses from Hugo Boss will help you with this. Even models with thin frames can change your appearance, softening the recognizable outlines. The dark shade of glass will also help you turn into a stranger with impeccable manners.

If you do not plan to hide your identity, but just want to look elegant, sunglasses from Hugo Boss are always at your service. They are able to balance some excesses. For example, a long chin will look prettier if the frame flares out at the top. A man with a round face will be more masculine and attractive in pointed glasses with high-set temples. Perhaps Cat's Eye or Butterfly will add charm and spontaneity to this person. There is no limit to perfection for someone who likes to experiment and reshape their image. With over 50,000 frames in our catalog, Hugo Boss provides an excellent opportunity for this. Experiment and reinvent yourself. Look for the best sides of your personality and show them to others with sunglasses for men and women.

The experts of our online store will be happy to help you choose Hugo Boss sunglasses that will make you a more confident and attractive person. We offer our customers a large selection of high-quality and comfortable models of different sizes and designs. Forget about the standard and boring appearance. You can look spectacular in round, rectangular, oval, irregular, geometric or browline glasses. Order our products at any time of the day or night. Regardless of the style, design or color of Hugo Boss sunglasses, we offer only original models and guarantee prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other brands such as Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Carolina Herrera and others. Become the creator of your own style with glasses from the world's best manufacturers. As for us, we will help you with this.