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HUGO BOSS Eyeglasses for Men

Hugo Boss™ - HG 0307

$73.57 - $83.33

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1007

$75.99 - $78.65

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1030

$73.57 - $80.66

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1004

$59.20 - $78.65

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1017

$73.57 - $83.33

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1019

$77.08 - $79.58

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1061

$69.04 - $79.58

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1089

$73.57 - $83.33

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1145

$79.58 - $91.88

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1056

$73.57 - $80.66

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1122

$79.58 - $91.88

Hugo Boss™ - HG 0151

$77.08 - $79.58

Today, the Hugo Boss brand is one of the most influential in the fashion world and is known not only for luxury clothing but also for popular fragrances and collections of accessories. The Boss collection has been around since 1990 with frames and sunglasses that pair perfectly with classic lines for successful men and confident business women. Hugo Boss glasses are renowned for their high quality, meticulous workmanship, and respectable style. Vintage shapes and classic colors of the models look fresh and relevant thanks to the use of modern materials and technologies.

The Hugo line by Hugo Boss is designed for creative young people who are always on the move, in search of novelty, and ready for daring experiments. Hugo eyeglasses combine classic and avant-garde in an unpredictable way. The use of high-quality acetate and lightweight aluminum allows the designer's imagination to create bold contrasts, taking into account the physical characteristics and texture of the materials. And such experiments are undoubtedly attractive to a young audience who values originality in everything, including traditional frames and sunglasses. Hugo glasses for men are ideally combined with both business and casual wear, emphasizing sophistication and unique style.

The fashion for glasses has really revived: glasses have become an important element of style and a full-fledged everyday attribute of our wardrobe. Today they are worn even by those who have no vision problems at all. Given the current level of popularity of this accessory, it is very important to know and understand what is right for you, and the EyeOns team of specialists will be happy to help you with this. The main rule when choosing frames for Hugo Boss glasses is to start from the shape of your face. If you have an oval face, then almost any frame will suit you. So feel free to experiment! But it is generally accepted that rectangular glasses will still look the most advantageous. For men with a square face, Aviator glasses are a good choice, while for men with a triangular face, models with a massive full frame and a square frame are perfect. Owners of a round face are recommended to pay attention to rectangular glasses too. At the same time, the choice of frame colors is directly determined by the personal preferences of each customer and the prevailing style of clothing.

Style is a reflection of our inner world, a way of self-expression, demonstrating our preferences, and a tool for non-verbal dialogue with others. Its formation is influenced by many internal and external factors, including lifestyle, social status, current events in life, and just temperament. If you were given the task of describing your style of clothing in one word, what would it be? Elegant? Casual? Classical? Do you need to look formal or do you wear shorts and a T-shirt for casual wear? Do you prefer brighter colors or do you prefer dark and practical accessories? Having correctly defined your style, you will be able to successfully match Hugo Boss glasses to your dress code. For example, if you are an adherent of the minimalist style, then accessories with the jewelry should be minimal, which is why glasses and frames should be chosen especially carefully in the images of this style. After all, the fewer accents in the image, the more attention will be paid to those that are available. It is important to note that minimalism is often associated with futurism, and this can be used when selecting glasses.

The best addition to a casual look is big glasses. These can be aviators or models with slightly raised corners. As for their color scheme, it can match the color of the shoes or be completely black: just stay neutral. The original models of Hugo Boss glasses with miniature circle-shaped lenses can be a great finish touch to a bright look. For example, black options with narrow frames and temples complement rich clothes designed in white and blue. Red options of the same type can perfectly complement the look, which includes a multi-colored striped shirt and ethnic patterns. You can choose glasses for men by their color. Ideally, they should match other accessories. For example, if a watch is white, then the glasses should be the same. A huge influence on the appearance of a person is exerted by the color of the clothes and accessories that he wears. When choosing men's Hugo Boss glasses, you need to consider not only the architecture of his face but also the length of his hair. Most often there are men with short haircuts. They have an open forehead. For this reason, glasses automatically fall under the gaze of others. It would be best to choose something closer to the style of minimalism.

Frames are usually made of plastic or metal. Less commonly, manufacturers use titanium and acetate. Glasses with metal frames are more durable, but plastic frames offer more color choices. Hugo Boss glasses fittings are high quality and reliable: the hinges move smoothly, and all the bolts are securely screwed. Universal models are glasses with a laconic design, with the base color of the frames - black, brown, beige, or other pastel tones. Such frames are not decorated with additional elements, do not attract too much attention, and only complement the image. Some of us have one pair of glasses, while others collect them as watches. Different people and the approach to choosing glasses. Some select universal options that will be combined with most looks, while others prefer variety and purchase glasses for all occasions and events.