ic! Berlin Sunglasses for Men

Products: 124 of 162
Products: 124 of 162


Famous all around the globe for its precision German craftsmanship, Ic! Berlin is a highly popular eyewear manufacturer with a unique brand identity. From the humble beginning, the company was striving to create glasses that would give their wearers a freedom to express themselves and the way they saw reality. Each and every piece of Ic! Berlin eyewear is handcrafted with attention to the smallest detail to be unique and authentic. To provide lasting quality and design, the manufacturer uses only high-quality, hand-selected materials that are expertly cut, bent, polished and refined. Bit by bit, the best artisans use their hands and cutting-edge tools to create timeless, exclusive eyewear.

Ic! Berlin offers both sunglasses and optical frames designed for men, women, and kids. Here, we’ve handpicked the most impressive and stylish men’s sunglasses, each of which is a truly fine piece of eyewear. If you’re looking for timeless silhouettes, such as Aviators or Wayfarers, choose from the Titan Collection that includes unconventional designs with the Ic! Berlin no-screw hinge. For those men who are striving for casual, sportier looks, the Urban Collection is just the ticket! It includes stylish stainless-steel frames enhanced with colorful rubber accents, which makes them perfect for active city living. For an exquisite look and feel, select from the Horn Collection frames, expertly crafted from Indian water buffalo to become a truly luxurious eyewear.