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ic! berlin Titan Eyewear Collection

Ic! Berlin™ - Doyoon


$531.25 - $533.75

Ic! Berlin™ - Emiyo


$523.75 - $531.25

Being a world-recognized eyewear manufacturer, ic! berlin creates high-quality and trendy collections of eyeglasses and sunglasses designed by the best specialists from Berlin to complete any style perfectly. Each pair of glasses is made as unique as the city where the famous brand was launched. Distinctive and durable eyewear is crafted meticulously for those wearers who value reliability, comfort, and excellent functionality. All glasses from ic! berlin feature the unique patented screwless mechanism that works perfectly without any screw or glue. You can select from a great variety of weightless and extraordinary frames to express your individual look and match your vision needs!

ic! berlin Titan Eyewear Collection

The ic! berlin Titan Eyewear Collection combines classic and bold designs with an unparalleled strength of high-quality titanium. This collection includes a wide assortment of impressive frames of timeless style and excellent construction to suit every occasion, whether you are wearing a strict business suit for work or having a casual look for a walk. Modern and lightweight sunglasses and eyeglasses from the Titan Collection are extremely strong, flexible, and comfortable even for everyday wearing. Each pair is made from durable titanium by the most skilled eyewear masters to ensure a precise fit and unparalleled functionality for many years.

ic! berlin Titan Spectacles

A pair of men's sunglasses T 110 by ic! berlin is offered in three various color options to match your taste. This full-rimmed rectangle frame is made of high-quality titanium alloy to deliver maximum flexibility and durability. These shades will be a perfect accessory to finish any casual look and protect your eyes from the harmful sun. Another model of sunnies for men, T 111 is available in three interesting colors and sizes to provide a perfect fit. A timeless aviator style will suit any outfit, emphasizing your individuality and masculinity. Flexible and weightless, this model is ideal for everyday wear when you need to spend a lot of time outside.

ic! berlin Titan Frames

The Titan Collection also includes a wide selection of eyeglasses in various shapes and colors to suit any taste. Pay attention to the unisex model T 107 that features a square shape and is introduced in four attractive colors. The minimalist design of this half-rimmed frame will match any modern look perfectly. The T 115 is a round model crafted by the talented masters from ic! berlin with no screws. Elegant and stylish glasses are ideal for contemporary wearers to improve their vision. Choose a universal accessory for everyday wear that will provide maximum comfort, excellent fit, and unparalleled durability!

A pair of men's optical frames T 106 will add to any wardrobe a touch of elegance and refinement. These square half-rimmed eyeglasses will suit any style, from business to casual. Lightweight and durable, they will serve you for years to provide excellent functionality. Every pair of ic! berlin glasses features a unique mechanism that allows wearers to assemble and disassemble them easily. Look through the whole Titan Collection from ic! berlin to get a universal accessory to suit your needs and requirements. Emphasize your stylish look with a trendy pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses designed in Berlin by the most experienced artisans.