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ic! Berlin Sunglasses

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Products: 124 of 289


Ic! Berlin, a renowned German manufacturer of handcrafted eyewear, has always been dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind glasses that give their wearers a freedom to be who they want to be, to say what they think and truly express their inner self. Each frame is less about showing how stylish you are, and more about showing how unique and special your story is. All Ic! Berlin sunglasses are crafted by hand in a modern manufactory located in Berlin. The company utilizes only premium-grade materials and latest technologies in the production of their glasses. As a result, every pair of sunnies is a real piece of art: quality, reliable, extremely comfortable and boasts an authentic design.

The whole range of Ic! Berlin sunglasses includes frames to suit any taste: sophisticated and elegant metal frames from The Classic Collection; bold and colorful titanium models from the “Titan” line; luxurious and genuine buffalo horn frames; chic marble-like acetate glasses; distinctive metal frames from the ic! Berlin x Mercedes-Benz collaboration, and many much more opulent sunglass styles. Each of these spectacles features its own unique design, but equally comfortable, functional and reliable. Browse the selection of breathtaking silhouettes to find a frame that will perfectly tone your personality and show off your unique sense of style.