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Ic! Berlin Wrap Sunglasses

Ic! Berlin™ - Reese


$509.25 - $511.75

Located in the center of Berlin, a well-known brand ic! Berlin creates unique and stylish eyewear using modern techniques and only top-rated materials in production. Each pair of trendy sunglasses features an innovative screwless hinge system patented by the company. Technical precision, passion, excellent craftsmanship, and incredible quality are the main principles of the famous brand. ic! Berlin offers a great array of shapes, including wrap sunglasses to complete your urban look with a touch of contemporary vogue. Only high-quality materials like premium acetate and top-notched stainless steel are used to create impressive and comfortable accessories.

Take a look at our catalog of wrap sunglasses on EyeOns to select a 100% original frame to satisfy your needs. Each spectacle is handcrafted with meticulous attention to every detail by the best German artisans. Modern and bold shades for men and women will provide full protection from UV rays as well as fill your image with a contemporary and unique look. The brand guarantees the highest quality of sunglasses that are made to serve for years with unmatched comfort and durability even during everyday wearing. Choose German quality combined with excellent design and incredible craftsmanship!