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Marc Jacobs is a legend. His brands are synonymous with luxury and unmatched style. Season after season, this world-famous designer creates head-turning collections that are bound to be successful, whatever it is – a new line of bags, shoes, eyewear or a clothing line. Marc Jacobs is perfect at mixing up a number of totally different moods and styles, creating something really special and unique. He loves to reshape and improve retro designs, blending conventional traditions with the latest techniques and most innovative manufacturing methods. It is Marc Jacobs’ overwhelming desire for untypical beauty along with his deep affection for vintage styles that has made him a household word in the fashion world.

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The influence of the globally recognized designer Marc Jacobs on the fashion industry cannot be overemphasized. The brand has extremely grown in last few years and continues to launch unique and outstanding collections with new products, such as fabulous body-splash fragrances and trendy eyewear. The Marc Jacobs eyeglasses are designed for those spirited individuals who want to express their own identity and make an impressive statement. The glasses combine glamour with utility, showcasing a contemporary sophistication suited for both weekends and work days. The Marc Jacobs sunglasses collection offers chic, original silhouettes for a fresh burst of color and energy, while the eyeglasses collection provides a modern look, which is a perfect combination of sporty inspiration and elegance.


Marc Jacobs has been involved in the world of fashion for over 30 years. Today, he is known as one of the most creative and ground-breaking designers in the industry. His extraordinary design philosophy: "The everyday and the extraordinary," is reflected in all his unique creations, which are extravagant and sophisticated at the same time. Today, Marc Jacobs is a head designer of a number of his brands, including The Marc Jacobs Collection, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Little Marc, which provides clothes for kids. He is not only a world-trusted couturier, but also a well-known celebrity, highly respected in different celebrity circles. Everyone from Cara Delevigne, Winona Ryder, Miley Cyrus, and Sofia Coppola are among his most passionate fans.

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Marc Jacobs has become famous for his fashion experiments, which all were about reinvention. The designer is best known for blending the good old retro designs with eye-catching, innovative looks. The Marc Jacobs styles feature a combination of the popular trends from the 1940’s and 50’s and contemporary designs. Luxury, vintage-looking accessories take a special pride in the Marc Jacobs collections, being extravagant, faddish accessories combined with traditional designs and sleek streetwear silhouettes. Marc Jacobs holds quite a number of international titles to his name, including a series of CFDA awards, most recently winning Womenswear Designer of the Year for 2016. For his immense contribution to French fashion, Marc Jacobs is decorated as a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. Also, the designer can boast of a plaque on the Fashion Walk of Fame in New York City’s Garment District as well as Fashion Group International Superstar Award that he won in 2016.


Marc Jacobs is a legendary American designer, who is considered to be one of the most sought-after couturiers, specifically famous for his modern takes on vintage looks. Marc Jacobs' journey to fame began at the Parsons School of Design, where he created his first collection of oversized hand-knit sweaters. Subsequently, the collection was sold to Charivari and got many boffo reviews. After graduation, Marc Jacobs created a special collection for the label Sketchbook for Reuben Thomas. Soon after that, in 1987, he has become the youngest fashion designer ever to be awarded the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Perry Ellis Award for ‘New Fashion Talent’.

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In 1988 Jacobs was appointed as vice president at Perry Ellis to create the Womenswear line for the brand. In 1993, Jacobs designed his ground-breaking collection called, “Grunge,” that featured out-of-the-box combinations. It was inspired by the newly exploded “grunge” music and provided an individualistic and flossy look. Perry Ellis decided the collection to be a catastrophe and dismissed Jacobs from the company. In 1997, he was suggested to take the position of creative director at Louis Vuitton, where he designed the first ready-to-wear collection for the luxury brand. Marc Jacobs announced his leaving from the company in 2013.

Today, Marc Jacobs is a timeless fashion icon, whose collections are adored by millions of men and women worldwide. Everything from his dazzling ready-to-wear line to superior beauty collection and range of luxury scents to eye-popping accessories and unique eyewear are symbols of style and luxury. His three Marc Jacobs collections — two for men & women and one for kids —are offered in hundreds of stores in more than 80 countries around the world.