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Marc Jacobs Eyeglasses

Marc Jacobs is a fashion designer and a real person who in the mid eighties entered the fashion industry and created his brand in the partnership with Robert Duffy - his long-term creative collaborator and partner. Marc Jacobs is notable for getting the industry's highest awards, including the "America's New Fashion Talent” award from CFDA, Womenwear Designer of the Year (5 times), Menswear Designer of the Year (2002), Accessory Designer of the Year (5 times), MTV/VMA Fashion Trailblazer Award (2019), just to name a few. Also, Marc Jacobs has been appointed Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton, vice president of women’s design at Perry Ellis, head designer of the 'Marc Jacobs' collection and the diffusion line 'Marc by Marc Jacobs' - here are just some facts from the life of the talented and creative designer. Jacobs entered the list of '100 most influential people in the world' according to 'Time' magazine.

While working on his designs, Mark has repeatedly referred to the experience of other designers, especially from past decades, and presented various themes and classic motifs in his own innovative way. His interpretations were so exquisite that his models were compared with classic examples. Marc Jacobs is a legend of the fashion industry who has an extraordinary talent for personalizing his models. His designs combine romance, sophistication and confidence. In 1993, he introduced the grunge style, which was a shocking fashion trend at that time. That outstanding, original collection has made him internationally recognizable and the style was used later by other designers.

Designer Marc Jacobs creates modern styles with a hint of vintage. Giving the company his own name, he was one of the first to come up with a "street aesthetic" - a little preppy, a little grunge, a little couture. Marc Jacobs has never hidden that he draws inspiration from the past. For this, he was reproached by some designers. However, critics say that Mark is one of the few who does not hide other people's influence. He does not try to prove to everyone that his products were created from scratch by him alone. This applies not only to clothing but also to glasses. The brand creates impressive 1950s-inspired collections with thick acetate frames painted in vibrant hues. There are also metal frames and sporty, futuristic designs similar to those of the 1990s. Marc Jacobs was born and raised in New York, "the city that never sleeps." The fast pace of life with energetic business days, combined with the atmosphere of eternal celebration under the neon lights of nightclubs and discos, has served as an inspiration for many writers and artists, and Marc Jacobs created a special style of urban fashion, called "super casual".

Elegant and at the same time comfortable models of glasses made of expensive materials quickly gained popularity among residents of big cities. The designer skillfully combines his original creative ideas with vintage forms, which develops an eye-catching contrast that is characteristic of all products of the Marc Jacobs brand. Marc Jacobs eyeglasses are synonymous with high-quality materials, attention to detail, and a unique style that combines the latest fashion trends with classic shapes. In the latest eyewear collections of the brand, one can read the dynamic pace of life, the endless holiday, and the extravaganza of rebellion. This is a completely new style of urban fashion, echoes of megacities, full of neon lights and midnight headlights. Always the highest quality materials, attention to the smallest details, and a combination of trendy trends and vintage shapes - this is all about Marc Jacobs.

The Marc Jacobs brand, which originated in America, has become truly iconic in the history of world fashion. The designer is not only one of the brightest authoritative representatives of the fashion industry, but also managed to bring several fresh, memorable trends that have become iconic for modern urban fashion. Marc Jacobs is a high level of quality and content of a product that can evoke a million different moods. Fall in love with one thing, and in the next season turn 180 degrees. The 2021 Marc Jacobs eyewear collection embodies a contemporary style that combines elegance with sporty inspiration. Almost every style you can imagine is included. The brand was born to surprise, and it still succeeds with ease. To emphasize the style, it is important to correctly select each element of the image. Glasses Aviators, Cat-Eye, Browline - interesting solutions that will help you stand out even when choosing a casual look.

The company team enthusiastically takes on the design of various products. The distinctive features of the brand include several points. The first is fashion - unique products that embody the spirit of the brand. They are designed for consumers who follow the latest trends and fashion styles. Signatures are easy-to-wear feminine shapes with recognizable elegant details. Metal piping on the temples adds a personal touch, giving the collection a finishing touch and ensuring brand recognition. Men's collections of fashionable glasses with the perfect combination of colors, materials, and exquisite details. Only optical- this is an excellent offer of frame styles characterized by different designs based on the know-how of optical experts and characterized by the perfect combination of fashion and comfortable shapes with optimized functionality.