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Marc Jacobs is a fashion designer and a real people person who in the mid eighties entered the fashion industry and created his brand in the partnership with Robert Duffy - his long-term creative collaborator and partner. Marc Jacobs is notable for getting the industry's highest awards, including the "America's New Fashion Talent” award from CFDA, Womenwear Designer of the Year (5 times), Menswear Designer of the Year (2002), Accessory Designer of the Year (5 times), MTV/VMA Fashion Trailblazer Award (2019), just to name a few. Also, Marc Jacobs has been appointed Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton, vice president of women’s design at Perry Ellis, head designer of the 'Marc Jacobs' collection and the diffusion line 'Marc by Marc Jacobs' - here are just some facts from the life of the talented and creative designer. Jacobs entered the list of '100 most influential people in the world' according to 'Time' magazine.

While working on his designs, Mark has repeatedly referred to the experience of other designers, especially from past decades, and presented various themes and classic motifs in his own innovative way. His interpretations were so exquisite that his models were compared with classic examples. Marc Jacobs is a legend of the fashion industry who has an extraordinary talent for personalizing his models. His designs combine romance, sophistication and confidence. In 1993, he introduced the grunge style, which was a shocking fashion trend at that time. That outstanding, original collection has made him internationally recognizable and the style was used later by other designers.