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Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

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Marc Jacobs™ - MARC 589/S

$107.55 - $124.01

Marc Jacobs™ - MARC 586/S

$107.55 - $124.01

Marc Jacobs™ - MARC 243/S

$127.49 - $152.81

Take a glance at the unparalleled collection of sunglasses for men and women crafted by the prominent American fashion designer Marc Jacobs, who made his name in fashion at a very young age. He founded his brand in 1984 and worked as the leading designer for many famous fashion houses, harmoniously combining traditions and innovations in creating unique and unpredictable collections of clothes, shoes, fragrance, sunglasses, and accessories. Marc Jacobs has become famous with his revolutionary “grunge” collection, which brought him international recognition and the title of Womenswear Designer of the Year in 1992. Today, this brand is not just stylish and modern clothes for people who value themselves and the opinions of others. Marc Jacobs offers a unique and inimitable lifestyle for successful men and women.

The brand is distinctive in its production of elegant and trendy sunglasses and eyeglasses with updated classic and vintage shapes and ultramodern street fashion elements. Marc Jacobs' sunglasses combine contemporary interpretation of classic shapes with unique design, durability and comfort. Each pair of the brand's sunglasses delivers a high-ending feeling to its wearer. For one who prefers traditional classic frames, such as rectangular and square featuring exceptional decorative accents, or who seeks posh Cat-eye or familiar Aviator models with contemporary orientation, – Marc Jacobs offers a huge selection of great designs, colors and concepts. The models presented in the EyeOns catalog are made of durable and environmentally friendly materials that meet international quality and purpose requirements.

Marc Jacobs sunglasses are unique, colorful and always modern. In the brand's collection, you will find stylish and attractive models for men and women who follow fashion trends. Marc Jacobs products are very popular with buyers from big cities. These accessories create a sense of celebration and convey the rebellious spirit that young people love so much. Each line of models combines the outlines of the past and the charming brilliance of fashion trends. The secret of the popularity of the famous brand lies in non-trivial solutions. The original models are diverse in their own way, which will allow you to create a unique image and maximum comfort. Unleash your emotions and don't change your habits. Marc Jacobs accessories will become an integral part of your personality, providing security and freedom never seen before.

This brand tried to collect all the best that was invented in the optical industry. Many technical solutions migrate from one brand to another, but Marc Jacobs managed to create a unique style. In the accessories of this brand, one will look chic and mysterious at the same time. Among the millions of people who do their routine things every day, you will remain inimitable and unique under any circumstances. But not only this makes Jacobs glasses so popular. Each model is thought out to the smallest detail and will visually complement the harmony of your style. It remains to find glasses designed just for you. Our extensive online collection is at your service twenty-four hours per day. On the product page, you will find the main parameters and enlarged photos. Trust your intuition and expert advice. 

The manufacturer took care not only of external superiority. The functional advantages of Marc Jacobs sunglasses are not inferior. They will reliably protect your eyes from UV radiation, dust and wind. It features polarized lenses that provide a wide view and a high level of safety on the brightest sunny day. Pay attention to plastic frames. They are not only safe and comfortable to wear, but also guarantee high durability for many years. Metal frames are designed primarily for respectable men, but for people with delicate skin, this option may not be acceptable. There are acetate frames that are very elegant and stylish, which are suitable for a business meeting and a disco. Marc Jacobs glasses will give you a chance to be yourself, emphasizing the advantageous characteristics of your face.

Accessories of this brand are made in different colors, shapes and styles. This will allow you to choose the model that best suits your face shape, activities and age. We offer exclusive materials, textures and creativity from the world-famous manufacturer. Marc Jacobs glasses are preferred by stars, including Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Gerard Butler and others. Regardless of the materials used, design and color, we guarantee the exclusive quality of the original and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other brands presented in our catalog – Fossil, Dolce & Gabbana, Max Mara and so on. Browse and order goods from the world's best manufacturers at any time of the day or night. Creating a unique look and style is not so difficult if you know where to buy the right accessories.