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Marc Jacobs Browline Eyeglasses

Fashion trends tend to come back. The original and already classic model of Browline glasses, which was popular in the late 40s, has again become in great demand. These glasses differ from other models by the more prominent and more massive upper part of the frames, in contrast to the lower part, which, as a rule, is made of metal or is absent altogether. Due to the effect of emphasizing the eyebrow line, the frame received this name. This model goes well with classic formal and business suits. Browline eyeglasses are perfect both for women and men and look good on square, rectangular or oval faces. This eyewear shape has long become a classic, it is incredibly relevant, as evidenced by the annual release of hundreds of new Browline models, created by designers of famous fashion houses.

Extraordinary models of Browline glasses are also presented in the eyewear catalog of the famous New York-based brand Marc Jacobs - one of the iconic brands in the history of the fashion industry. Over the more than twenty-year history of its existence, many clothes and accessories of completely new trends in fashion have been released under this brand name. For example, it is thanks to Marc Jacobs the grunge style has gained popularity in modern life. The brand's eyeglasses are characterized by consistently high-quality materials, attention to detail, and a unique style that combines the latest fashion trends and classic shapes.