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Products: 124 of 158

Marciano was created as a branch of world-known brand GUESS and introduces pieces of glamorous outfits for women, including elegant and stylish dresses, comfortable tops, jeanswear, handbags, and accessories for fashionistas as well as classic outfits for men like coats, jackets, trousers, and tops. The collections of this famed company bewitch clients by its sexy images created in the best traditions only for those women who have a perfect taste in modern vogue and prefer luxe and comfortable clothes in their everyday image. Sophisticated style is combined with modern extravagance to produce refined essentials following the latest vogue tendencies.

Marciano is a brand that was born in 2004 when GUESS company has introduced its modern collection which gave birth to the new line. Nowadays, the new company has its famed stores in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, San Juan, Vancouver, Toronto, and many other cities. It also has an outlet line, and GUESS company is looking forward to expanding this branch nationwide and even worldwide when Marciano will be a well-recognizable brand in public. Contemporary silhouettes, stylish looks, exclusive images, and outstanding quality of every product are the main signs of trendsetting collections for men and opulent outfits and accessories, including extraordinary eyewear for women.    


Marciano is a prestigious and exclusive American fashion company owned and controlled by the GUESS brand named after its celebrated founder Paul Marciano. This special line was created in 2004 for a contemporary and sexual woman who appreciates fashionable and chic clothes and accessories that provide a charming look and attract attention. The company offers a great assortment of top-rated apparel, including luxe dresses, denim, handbags, shoes, and accessories for women as well as tops, trousers, coats, and jackets for men. Every item from the catalog of the well-known brand is crafted in the best traditions from the best quality materials.

Marciano started to produce collections of sunglasses and optical frames in cooperation with Marcolin Group in 2013. Luxury eyewear for women is designed using the best technologies from the company's experience, and its opulent glasses catch many looks thanks to vivid patterns, stylish prints, and notable decorations, including metal inserts, elements from luminescent plastic, and bold shapes. Every model is introduced in a range of various colors to fit the owner's taste and outfit perfectly. Marciano provides classic glasses as well as beautiful cat-eye frames and other models to fit any face shape and become a lovely accessory for everyday wearing. 


Founded in the mid-1980s by GUESS’s co-founder Paul Marciano, the brand Marciano appeared as an extension line of the famed company that includes luxury and exclusive collections for women, including distinctive dresses, tops, jeans, skirts, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and eyewear. The products of this fashion manufacturer with headquarters in Los Angeles, California are sold in the company’s stores and also selected stores of GUESS brand. All the collections are filled with glamour and luxury to become a choice of chic and flirty women who want to wear the best products created by talented masters. 

Fashionable products, including exclusive apparel and accessories, are filled with a sexy and sophisticated style inspired by a heritage of the brand. Marciano knows the needs of modern women and provides them with the best products crafted from the best materials and designed to look perfect. Since 2013, the company has become a part of Marcolin’s portfolio to offer trendy and extraordinary eyewear. Its distinctive eyeglasses and sunglasses are embellished with interesting accents and made from the most durable and lightweight acetates. Signature elements and notable details of sophisticated frames turn attention with their uniqueness and opulence.