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Rectangle Glasses Frames for Men and Women

Boss™ - 1133

$151.23 - $174.68

Boss™ - 1151/CS


$136.76 - $160.33

Boss™ - 0601/N

$151.23 - $174.68

Boss™ - 0870


$112.64 - $129.96

Boss™ - 0873


$112.64 - $129.96

Boss™ - 0976

$143.18 - $181.04

Boss™ - 1038/S

$120.15 - $143.27

Boss™ - 1080

$111.29 - $130.15

Boss™ - 1092


$123.08 - $160.33

Boss™ - 1096

$143.18 - $181.04

Boss™ - 1108/F

$129.72 - $166.89

Polaroid™ - PLD D394


$53.90 - $64.63

There are tons of available eyeglass models on the market because they are accessories that play an important role in terms of both practical and fashion-related needs. A lot of people, including both men and women, suffer from sight impairment and crossed vision. Some of them work a lot with computers and have recurrent headaches because of the harmful screen light that impacts the eyes negatively, and then destructive effects spread to the head. Optical frames take care of your wellness and serve as a reliable way to block those harmful ultraviolet rays. Moreover, not only do they help to deal with various eye problems or even diseases but they also play a huge role in the process of dressing up, and particularly, accessorizing. Eyeglasses have managed to become a perfect add-on to any outfit, from casual to classy.

Even though the assortment of optical frames has no borders and offers new variations every single day, some shapes definitely deserve your special attention. The Rectangle eyeglasses shape is probably one of the oldest of all other frame variations. These are traditionally looking glasses that suit most face types and work for many occasions, no matter if this is a special day or just a regular one. What is so special about Rectangles? This is the frame type that features wider lens width on top and bottom whilst having shorter sides. Classically, the lines of the top and bottom lenses are parallel, elongated, and have angular edges. Accurate and nearly architectural lines create a minimalistic and simple but grand style. Rectangle eyeglasses are ideal to add intellectuality, competence, and intelligence to the image of their wearer.

Such frames can be divided into those that have sharp-cut edges and those which come with softer, more rounded lines of lens edges. While the first type of Rectangles fills your look with a touch of stability and exposes your inner intelligent power, rounded edges make the image more gentle implying strong but mild and reasonable nature. Professionalism, knowledge, and experience are expressed with this style of eyeglasses — all those qualities are highly valued at all times and for all ages. A Rectangle shape was firstly popular in the 1960s and then in the 1990s again. A couple of decades later, and we see what? Right, this is another piece of evidence that fashion is cyclic and what goes around comes around, including Rectangle eyeglasses. Now, they are popular and in demand once again. Additionally, many eyewear manufacturers get inspired by Rectangles and modify the other popular frame styles with their features. Thus, you can find Aviator models that take on some of their qualities or Cat-eyes that are flattened out a bit.

Today, many famous and much-loved celebrities regularly add Rectangle eyeglasses as a part of their marvelous looks. Among them, there are talented actors, amazing singers, gorgeous models, and various influencers, including Bella Hadid, Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Emma Watson, Dua Lipa, and many other great people. You can also be the one to rock this style and set new voguish trends. Seems like this comeback trend for Rectangle glasses wants to stay here for a little while, so if you want to create outstanding outfits, you should definitely consider this nice-looking shape. Moreover, these spectacles are suitable not just for daily wear or special occasions but both - no matter where you are going or how long you wear this accessory, it will serve you excellently.

Rectangle frame glasses come in a wide range of colors, proportions, and materials. Traditionally, this shape was considered a masculine style but it also looks affecting for ladies as they add a note of exclusivity to their gorgeous feminine looks. In order to find an ideal pair of spectacles, do not forget how important it is to pay attention to the materials of the frames. Thus, you can go through our selection of the nicest models of Rectangles and pick out your perfect eyeglasses. Each pair is made with meticulous attention to detail and features unmatched functionality. If you opt for acetate glasses, you will receive a hypoallergenic accessory that is durable and eco-friendly. Looking for a corrosion-resistant and strong model? That would be a metal one for sure. Besides, you can choose from a variety of other premium materials, including flexible metal, titanium, plastic, and carbon fiber.

As for the colors, there's a massive selection of frames that come in such different tones as amazing glittery hues, creative Havana, eye-catching Tortoise, vibrant violet, orangey Copper, sky-like blue, soft pink, daring red, and many other bold design options. You can go through a full assortment or use a website's filter and choose the needed tones only. Also, it is possible to sort out the models not just by colors but also by size, shape, material, frame type, gender, price, brand, and bridge, temple, and lens widths. Our main goal is to deliver a convenient interface at the choosing phase and then safe delivery as a result. We are doing our best to provide the most effective service and satisfy your needs. So, if you are looking for an ideal pair of Rectangle eyeglasses, you can easily do it here and enjoy the process.

Nowadays, the eyewear fashion world continues to work hard and create more and more exclusive models of eyeglasses, including Rectangle ones. As we said, having a decent pair of frames guarantees interesting looks and satisfies everyone's vision-related needs. World-known fashion houses and highly-respected designers are doing their best to expand their production and come up with fresh ideas for eyewear styles. For example, we work with such trustworthy and well-known brands as Alexander McQueen, C-Life, Carolina Herrera, Catherine Deneuve, Dior, Jimmy Choo, Levi's, Michael Kors, Oliver Peoples, and a lot of others. Each of them is trying to provide the wearers with unrepeatable and exclusive designs of Rectangle eyeglasses. Browse through our wide assortment of optical frames and spruce up your wardrobe with such a stylish accessory of premium quality.