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Rectangle Glasses Frames for Men and Women

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Products: 124 of 5364


The rectangular eyeglasses shape is probably one of the oldest between all other frames shapes variations. These are traditionally looking glasses. This is the frame type with wider lenses width on top and bottom whilst having shorter sides. Classically the lines of the top and bottom lenses are parallel, elongated and have angular edges. Accurate and nearly architectural lines create minimalistic and simple but a grand style. Rectangular glasses are ideal to add intellectuality, competence and intellegence to the image of their wearer. Rectangular frames can be divided into sharp-cut edged and those which come with softer, more rounded lines of lenses edges.

While the first type adds to your look stability, exposing inner intelligent power, rounded edges make the image more gentle implying strong but mild and reasonable nature. Professionalism, knowledge and experience are expressed with this style of eyeglasses — all that which is highly valued at all times and for all ages.

Rectangle frame glasses come in the various range of colours, proportions, and materials. Being traditionally a masculine style it also looks affecting for ladies adding exclusivity to their look.