Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck Eyewear Collection

Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck Eyewear Collection



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Oliver Peoples™ - Gregory Peck 1962 OV5456SU
Amaretto/Striped Honey
Dtb/Beige Gradient
Emerald Bark
Semi Matte Amber Tortoise
+ 1
5 Colors
$491.00 - $584.00
Rating (0)
Oliver Peoples™ - Gregory Peck OV5186
Dark Military/Crystal Gradient
Espresso/382 Gradient
Workman Gray
Canarywood Gradient
+ 7
9 Colors
$343.00 - $384.00
Rating (0)
Oliver Peoples™ - Gregory Peck Sun OV5217S
Semi Matte Black
Semi Matte Lbr
Buff/Dark Tortoise Brown
Tuscany Tortoise
Translucent Dark Teal
Translucent Rust
+ 8
9 Colors
$397.00 - $566.00
Rating (0)
Oliver Peoples™ - Gregory Peck Clip OV5186CM
2 Colors
$140.00 - $190.00
Rating (0)

If you want to be the most fashionable and stylish and stand out from the crowd, then Gregory Peck eyewear pieces from Oliver Peoples is exactly for you. The original models are not like the rest and seduce with their interesting shapes with a large number of color and shade options. In the collection, you can find durable and high-quality plastic frames in different color options. The assembly is precise and the frames are very wear-resistant. Style and restraint are what the frames from Oliver Peoples exude. With Oliver Peoples' eyewear, you can easily complete your look and become the object of everyone's admiration. It is simply impossible to go unnoticed in such eyewear! Sunglasses from this brand are not only stylish but also very high quality. Durable frames with a comfortable design will make you feel satisfied. Frames are characterized by graceful shapes, combined with a strict finish, concentrated on the temples. Here light details become an unobtrusive decoration, giving the accessory a special chic.

Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck Eyewear Collection

The original design of the Gregory Peck 1962 OV5456SU model will be the highlight of your look. Pay attention to the unusual shape of the nose pad of these sunglasses, which also does not have a rubber holder. This option will only confirm that you have excellent taste and you are aware of all fashionable novelties. Beautiful and stylish unisex model Gregory Peck Sun OV5217S in a more classic style will perfectly complement the modern look, only emphasizing all your advantages. This model of sunglasses from the fashion house Oliver Peoples has a number of advantages: high quality, UV protection, stylish design, and wearing comfort. The Wayfarer shape is the most versatile, it looks great on any face, emphasizing the beauty. Plastic has long earned the approval of designers and is successfully used in the production of frames of this brand.

Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck Sunglasses

Creativity and love for art have always been at the heart of the talented designers of the Oliver Peoples brand. The desire to create beauty and make it accessible to everyone guides them all their lives and gives them the opportunity to give people the visual pleasure of an exclusive style. The aesthetics of the Gregory Peck Eyewear Collection balance on the verge of simplicity and luxury. Comfortable and practical casual designers have turned into chic images of a spiritually rich intellectual personality. Eyewear is the perfect accompaniment to Oliver Peoples corporate identity. Sun protection and elegant medical frames emphasize the natural sophistication of the image, giving it a fresh touch of beauty and chic. These are stylish bright accessories that can highlight the individuality of their owner. At the same time, their design is characterized by ingenious simplicity.

Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck Frames

Sunglasses that never go out of fashion carry an intellectual charge, the energy of success, and self-confidence - this is about Gregory Peck Clip-On OV5186C optical frames. They are full of natural nobility, each line has a strength of character which can be seen in clear outlines and strict forms of frames, restrained colors, and minimalist finishes. Pay attention to the presence of clip-ons that come with this model - one of the options to combine the properties of ordinary eyewear and the function of UV protection. Prescription eyeglasses are primarily vision correction devices, and clips add functionality to them. In the products of Gregory Peck Eyewear Collection, one can feel the aristocratic spirit. Their owner undoubtedly has inner charisma, refined manners, and exquisite taste. The timeless classic design of the Gregory Peck collection will captivate with its mystery and luxury.

Positioning its products as high-tech and of impeccable quality, Oliver Peoples has taken its rightful place on the world-class optical market. The Gregory Peck Eyewear Collection has many loyal fans, especially among those who primarily appreciate comfort, and quality and prefer traditional classics. Oliver Peoples eyewear is for serious, successful, business people who have an exquisite unique taste. The use of modern technologies and compliance with international production standards allows the company's team to create competitive products and successfully meet the needs of customers. Optical frames and sunglasses- each model of the collection is made with maximum functionality and comfortable use in mind. The products of the company are not only visually attractive, but they have also become an example of the refined style of true connoisseurs of the classics.