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Oliver Peoples Series II Gio Ponti Eyewear Collection

The unique sophistication of Oliver Peoples frames in the Series II Gio Ponti Eyewear Collection is noticeable to the naked eye. They display elegance and refined manners. Excellent quality meets the highest requirements of today’s fashion world. The design preferences of this collection emphasize a more classic style, clear lines, and interesting colors. Sunglasses of this and other collections, which are also available at EyeOns, are produced by the best masters of Japan and Italy. Products are made by hand, which allows you to confidently guarantee their high quality and uniqueness. The richness of the chic design is demonstrated by optical products with gold rims, as in the G. Ponti-3 OV1293ST model, which looks stylish and harmonious on almost all face shapes. Thanks to such versatility and the most comfortable operation, Oliver Peoples accessories have honestly earned the love and trust of many fans around the world.

Oliver Peoples Series II Gio Ponti Eyewear Collection

Frames from Oliver Peoples are made at the Lauriano factory, which is located in Italy. There, the best designs from California take their tangible prototype form and undergo the rigorous testing that can take months. During this time, attention is paid to every millimeter, so the perfect sample goes to print. Ultra-precise machines cut frames, which are then passed back to people - craftsmen with dozens of years of experience. They manually assemble and fix the parts, dip the frames for grinding into special vats, check the accuracy and make laser engraving. Only after all the procedures do the sunglasses fall into your hands. For more than thirty years of history, Oliver Peoples eyewear has not changed its traditions and is still the embodiment of a classic, intellectual style, and the Series II Gio Ponti Collection is a great example.

Oliver Peoples Series II Gio Ponti Sunglasses

The refined minimalism of Oliver Peoples optical products suggests that these accessories are for true connoisseurs of fashion - serious, purposeful, businesslike, and strong. The simple, yet elegant design has made the frames of the Series II Gio Ponti Eyewear Collection a favorite accessory for real connoisseurs of style. Using innovative technologies and practices of the world's best designers, the company created this magnificent collection of models with business, fashion, and sports notes at the same time. The assortment contains all the sophistication and elegance that distinguishes the Oliver Peoples brand from the others. These accessories are able to emphasize the laid-back image of modern beauty. Each product has a special charm and a certain magnetism. Particular attention should be paid to the G. Ponti-1 OV5460T model, which attracts with its interesting design solution.

Oliver Peoples Series II Gio Ponti Frames

Each element of the Series II Gio Ponti Eyewear Collection has a character. This makes Oliver People products even more valuable and incredibly popular among lovers of beautiful things. Recognition in the fashion world these magnificent specimens have gained thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies, and the use of expensive and high-quality materials: metal and titanium. These materials have proven to be the most suitable for this type of product. They are hypoallergenic, non-corrosive, and resistant to high temperatures. Impeccable quality and luxury design are not the limits of Oliver Peoples sunglasses. This outstanding brand throughout its history has been famous for its individual character and original approach to the creation of exclusive products. This explains the incredible popularity of fashion house products around the world.

Sunglasses G. Ponti-2 OV1292T meet the highest requirements. They are functional, reliable, beautiful, and original. In the manufacture of frames, designers adhered to the classical style but decided to add an interesting accent in the form of a thin bow on top of the lenses. In combination with expensive materials and rich decor, this product looks chic. The undoubted advantage of Oliver Peoples frames is their wide range and rich palette of colors. A huge selection in the Series II Gio Ponti Eyewear Collection allows everyone to find their own version, the most suitable for the shape of the face and personal desires. Throughout its existence, the company has been actively developing and Oliver Peoples products are becoming increasingly popular due to quality, pricing, and a wide range.