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Oliver Peoples Series I Titanium Eyewear Collection

Oliver Peoples™ - TK-3 OV1276ST

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Born in the heart of West Hollywood, Oliver Peoples was founded in the late eighties. Over the years, it has turned into one of the most prestigious eyewear companies. Today, it’s synonymous with handcrafted, retro-inspired yet contemporary eyewear. Inspiring and sophisticated at the same time, Oliver Peoples glasses are sure to transform an ordinary outfit into an outstanding one. No matter the design, each pair of Oliver Peoples glasses is crafted using the highest quality materials and diverse techniques, resulting in one-of-a-kind eyewear that’s often the number one choice for Hollywood elite.

Oliver Peoples Series I Titanium Eyewear Collection

Oliver Peoples glasses are the perfect combination of function and style. If you’re after Hollywood-style eyewear, the OP Series I collection is worth your attention. It consists of two optical styles, one sunglass and one sunglass clip, offering a modern take on time-honored looks, with nods to Japanese craft and aesthetics in every detail. Any piece in this exclusive collection will bring a distinctive vintage feel to your everyday ensemble. Boasting numerous exquisite details never found in other frames, Oliver Peoples glasses are guaranteed to turn heads and impress every fashion-conscious individual. We proudly carry extremely stylish but exceptionally comfortable Oliver Peoples titanium glasses, so you’ll surely find the perfect fit for you.

Oliver Peoples Series I Titanium Sunglasses

The TK-1 OV1274T is the classic panto lens shape featuring a unique, vintage-inspired perforated pattern. From the bridge to nosepads, this outstanding model strikes the perfect balance between timeless craft and innovative style. The TK-1clip is the dedicated sunglass clip for the TK-1 frame. It’s offered in four colors and features dark lenses for a striking look. The TK-2 OV1275T with the double bridge frame and a streamlined temple is another great piece from the brand’s exclusive collection. The TK-3 OV1276ST and TK-4 OV1298T are designed for sophisticated people with the most discerning taste. If you’re a fan of round sunglasses with a minimalistic design, you’ll surely fall in love with the G. Ponti-3 OV1293ST offered in an exciting array of color combos like Silver/Yellow Wash, Brushed Brass/Burgundy, Brushed Chrome/Amber Brown, and more.

Oliver Peoples Series I Titanium Frames

The brand’s innate admiration for Japan’s ability to transform the simple into something remarkable inspired them to create their iconic titanium collection, Series I. With deep consideration for how it’s seen not only on the wearer’s face but within the world, Oliver Peoples Series I frames set the tone for the entire look. Japanese artisans continue to create meticulously made and beautifully designed glasses that are nothing less than a piece of art. Perfect for everyday wear and a special occasion, each piece within the collection features a thin and sleek design with a lightweight feel and optimal clarity.

Titanium is being increasingly used in the modern world. Oliver Peoples eyewear is no exception. In addition to its exceptionally light weight, titanium can also boast other great properties like impressive strength and high corrosion resistance. OP Series I frames are undoubtedly timeless, that’s why they have every chance to take a special place in your wardrobe. If you’re hunting for a pair of exclusive glasses, Oliver Peoples is the brand for you. Designed in Los Angeles and manufactured in Japan, Oliver Peoples glasses are the epitome of refined elegance and excellence in every detail.