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Polaroid Eyeglasses

Polaroid™ - PLD D320

$54.11 - $57.55

Polaroid™ - PLD D330

$52.02 - $57.55

Polaroid™ - PLD D354

$44.10 - $51.71

Polaroid™ - PLD D372

$51.71 - $54.02

Polaroid is one of the most popular optical brands in the world. The history of the brand originates in 1937 with the manufacture of the first pair of glasses with polarizing lenses. The company was founded by Edwin Herbert Land, Harvard graduate, young scientist and entrepreneur, who was an inventor with 535 patents to his name.  Polaroid is primarily known for the invention of one-step instant photography and synthetic sheet polarizer, which reduced the glare from sunlight.  The scientific basis for the first production was Herbert's early invention – a synthetic light polarizer – a thin film of transparent crystals, which absorbs light rays. The polarizer was used in optics to eliminate glare or reflections and to reduce the brightness of light. 

Soon the company started to produce polarizing lenses for sunglasses and for other devices as well as for the armed services, including an infrared night viewing device polarizing and colored filters for rangefinders and periscopes. With the time, Polaroid expanded production and became renowned for its innovative products including cameras, film, and optical equipment. Sightly Polaroid eyeglasses combine technical performance and appreciable design. The brand offers an array of classic and contemporary models having traditionally looking square, round, oval or rectangle shapes. Frames are designed for both men and women and available in full-rim and semi-rimless variants. In our catalog, you will find a large selection of stylish and modern models for every taste.

Frames are artfully handmade of high-grade acetate and metal, and impress with elegance, feeling of comfort, style and premium quality. The collection impresses with its exciting colors from traditional hues of tortoiseshell, black, dark and neutral to optimistic bright and fresh tones. The concept of modernity, originality and refined elegance is traced in every eyewear item which is made with creativity and passion. Please note that all brand accessories are made of durable and safe materials, in full compliance with international quality and purpose standards. We offer plastic, metal, acetate, carbon and other frames. Use the filter by material to choose what you need. EyeOns online store offers simple and clear site navigation. 

Search and find stylish and modern Polaroid glasses for men or women, using filters by shape, color and frame type, size, cost, bridge and lens width, temple length and more. Accessories from this manufacturer guarantee 100% protection against harmful UVA, UVB and UVC radiation up to 400 nm and save your eyes from tiring glare. The proposed models provide visual contrast and more intense colors, as well as a significant reduction in eye strain in bright light. Choose the shape of glasses that best suits your face type and aesthetic preferences. Polaroid products are designed for men and women who value themselves and a comfortable life. Stay stylish and modern under any circumstances.

This manufacturer uses hot melt technology in the manufacture of polarized lenses, which is much more efficient than the traditional vacuum pressure process. Through the use of thermofusion technology, Polaroid lenses are thinner at the edges for better visibility. This ensures optimal lens curvature as the glass is bent, resulting in greater visual acuity. The models of this brand use the phenomenon of polarization, in which light flows move in horizontal and vertical directions. Vertical light beams are responsible for seeing colors, shapes and images, while horizontal beams make visible stripes and reflections. The vertical and horizontal beams of light in Polaroid glasses passing through the lens are positioned so that the image seen through the lens is clearer.

Polaroid glasses are a great choice for the summer months, but also protect your eyes throughout the year. They will be the perfect complement to your look. In the models of this brand, you will get rid of blurry vision. The world seen through these lenses will become clearer and the colors richer. You will stop squinting, which is especially important when driving a car. Accessories from our collection will be appreciated by joggers, hikers, cyclists and tennis players. Enjoy clear vision and maximum comfort. Regardless of the materials used, the cost and shape of the frame, we guarantee the exclusive quality of each Polaroid accessory and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other brands presented in our catalog – Montblanc, Max&Co, Oliver Peoples, and so on.