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Polaroid Sunglasses for Women

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The Polaroid Eyewear company began its history thanks to physicist Edwin Land, who is famous for the invention of the world's first plastic polarizing material based on nitrocellulose. In 1929, Edwin invented a synthetic light polarizer that is still used today in lenses. Just 6 years after this invention, he presented unique samples of sunglasses to the public, and two years later he founded the Polaroid brand. Over time, the company expanded its optical technologies and production of sunglasses and medical frames spun off into an independent company, Polaroid Eyewear, headquartered in Zurich. Today, Polaroid is the world leader in the design and manufacture of polarized sunglasses and one of the most famous and reliable eyewear brands in Europe. 

The brand's unique story is based on continuous innovation and a clear sense of style. Polaroid stands for safety, clarity, style, and a wide range of products for adults and kids. Various and stylish models from the collection of Polaroid Eyewear for women accurately convey the character and image of their wearer. This is a woman who cares about health, style and follows the latest in the world of fashion and technology. Sleek styling, sophisticated understatement, and bold modern aesthetics are part of Polaroid sunglasses and frames. A wide selection of Polaroid sunglasses will allow everyone to choose the right model, regardless of taste and occasion: Clubmaster, Wayfarer, rounds, or rectangular models are in a huge range. 

Comfort and quality have always been the strengths of the brand, and if you are looking for reliable eye protection from UV and other external factors, and you want to look stylish in any situation – Polaroid sunglasses are the best solution. The manufacturer carefully chooses the materials for their frames. A real lady can purchase glasses made of metal, acetate or plastic. All offered options are made from durable and safe materials that fully comply with international quality and emission standards. If you hold a high position and manage a large business, a metal frame will fully emphasize the firmness of your intentions. However, the rigor of your character can be softened with an informal design of sunglasses, such as Cat-Eye or Butterfly. 

Easy site navigation will allow you to quickly find what you need. Choose the model that suits you with filters and value scales for lenses, temples, bridges and prices. Polaroid sunglasses are the best way to protect your eyes from UV radiation, wind and dust. Comfortable and practical accessories will accompany you on training in the fitness center, during morning jogging, playing volleyball and other dynamic activities. The modern woman drives a car, and here the Polaroid is the best way to ensure your safety. Many road tragedies occur due to sudden harsh light and glare from passing cars. The accessories of this brand will protect you from them, as well as from the dazzling shine of snow while skiing or snowboarding. 

We recommend wearing Polaroid glasses outside in the summer months when the sun is at its brightest. UV radiation negatively affects your eyes every day when you are outdoors. The eyes do not feel the harmful effects, and only after years you will feel that the organs of vision see the world in blurry colors. Polaroid glasses do not create any problems while wearing them. They do not warp, do not slip on the nose due to sudden movements and do not put pressure on the temples. Look at the world with always young and curious eyes. Do not be afraid that someone will notice your indiscreet look. Stay free and be a dynamic lady in any life situations. Be mysterious and intriguing in the glasses of the legendary manufacturer – be a true lady in everything. 

The polarization function is very important because it makes the image deeper and the colors more vivid. The eyes do not get irritated or redden when wearing Polaroid glasses for a long time. You won't have to constantly squint, which means there will be fewer wrinkles around your eyes. This brand also produces stylish and modern eyeglasses, which you can find in our catalog. Regardless of the materials used, cost and purpose, we guarantee the exclusive quality of each model and prompt delivery to any location. You can visit the pages of other brands presented in the EyeOns online store – Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent and so on. Browse and order accessories from the world's best manufacturers at any time of the day or night. We are open for you without breaks and weekends.