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Polaroid Sunglasses

Polaroid™ - PLD 6041/S

$29.50 - $45.05

Polaroid™ - PLD 2017/S

$42.27 - $45.05

Polaroid™ - PLD 2058/S

$36.14 - $45.05

Polaroid™ - PLD 2059/S

$45.00 - $62.29

Polaroid™ - PLD 2065/S

$42.27 - $45.05

Look through the unsurpassed collection of polarized sunglasses from men, women and kids from the Polaroid brand which is best of all renowned for pioneering instant photography. The brand's revolutionary products such as cameras, film, medical and optical equipment without a doubt are high-quality and innovative. Edwin H.Land founded Polaroid in 1937 and led the company through the transformation from a small research firm to the most unexcelled high-tech companies ever. His name was noticed on more than five hundred of US patents. The brand is known for its numerous patented innovations and cutting-edge designs and now remains as one of the trustworthy manufacturers and distributors of high-performance eyewear.  From the very start till the current time Polaroid is dynamically evolving, using the highest innovative technologies in design and production of new lines of sunglasses. 

Polaroid provides a wide array of classic and contemporary silhouettes from Aviator to bold futuristic and sports models. The company is an undoubted leader in anti-glare technology which makes its products the must haves for everyday life. Polaroid sunglasses combine innovative materials of the highest quality, unmatched urban cool design, durability, practicality and comfort. They perfectly fit and bring the wearer feeling of individuality and style - everything which is expected from the high-tech brand.  If you're committed to excellence and searching for traditional shapes such as rectangle or round, or you prefer originally looking models with contemporary geometry - Polaroid will impress you with available variants of frames in colors from moderate classic to ultra bright with mirrored or gradient lenses of different hues. Complete your classy contemporary look choosing from full-rim or semi-rimless frames.

Polaroid sunglasses are high-quality protection from the sun thanks to the special structure of the lenses. In addition, it is a stylish and durable accessory that is popular all over the world. Original Polaroid glasses have a quality certificate and meet international standards. Why Polaroid? The high quality of the brand's sun protection products is guaranteed by the lens structure, high-quality materials, environmental friendliness, safety, and resistance to scratches. A Polaroid lens provides reliable eye protection. The main element of the structure is a polarizing filter, on both sides of which there are layers that absorb ultraviolet light. Then several layers provide strength and flexibility. The final element is a layer that protects against scratches. Despite the multi-layered structure, the sun protective lenses are light. 

Edwin Land, the inventor of the polarizing lens, was puzzled by the problem of the high accident rate on the road and that one of the key reasons was the blinding sun. Thus, the first pair of Polaroid sunglasses was born, which refracted light reflected from a smooth surface. Today millions of drivers who wear polarized glasses every day, are very grateful to Land. However, not only drivers enjoy the iconic optics. The Polaroid company produces a huge number of universal models that can be used for daily wear. The main thing is to choose the optimal color of the lenses. For example, lenses in gray shades are an ideal choice for both sunny days and cloudy weather. They can be worn when you are driving or playing sports. But for skiing, fishing trips, or hunting, it is better to buy glasses with lenses of brown and amber shades. In the EyeOns catalog, you will find women's, men's, and kids’ Polaroid models. They are made of metal or plastic. Innovative technologies are used in production, so the frames are durable, reliable, and hypoallergenic. 

Polaroid sunglasses are always in fashion, they have become synonymous with reliable protection from the sun. Every year, the Polaroid company releases new collections and replenishes the model range. These sunglasses can be round, square, rectangular, and other shapes of frames. Stylish accessories provide adequate protection against ultraviolet light, provide clarity to the image, protect the eyes and complement the image. Excellent visibility, high clarity, and contrast are other reasons for the popularity of Polaroid eyewear.  You will see much better in glasses, especially during the day. These models provide 100% protection against various glare, color transitions, and halftones. Polaroid sunglasses also provide UV protection. The polarizing coating prevents the penetration of harmful rays, thanks to which the eyes are less tired. You don't feel eye strain, fatigue, or pain.  In addition, glasses protect against too bright and direct sunlight.  

If you are often outdoors, then you should take a closer look at this accessory. There is no doubt that Polaroid is the market leader in polarized sunglasses. Nothing has changed since the first model came out to this day: Polaroid sunglasses are premium quality and technically perfect. Their main feature is in the anti-reflective polarizing coating. With its help, direct sunlight is refracted, and objects are clear and bright. The image through the lenses is perceived by the eyes as natural, with all its palette and fine details. Ergonomic design, strength and durability, the ability to choose suitable models for a wide range of people - all this is Polaroid sunglasses. In general, anyone who cares not only about style, but also about eye health, regardless of age, gender, and social status, has the opportunity to buy polarized glasses from other well-known brands such as Carrera or Guess, taking into account all your wishes.