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Polaroid Sunglasses for Kids

Polaroid™ - P0115

$30.96 - $30.96

Polaroid™ - P0300

$29.46 - $30.96

Polaroid™ - P0425

$30.96 - $30.96

Polaroid™ - PLD 8015/N

$28.18 - $30.96

Polaroid™ - PLD 8030/S

$28.18 - $30.96

Polaroid™ - PLD 8031/S

$28.18 - $30.96

Polaroid™ - PLD 8035/S

$30.96 - $30.96

Polaroid is a legendary brand, widely known all over the world. Over the entire period of its existence, the company has been actively developing and becoming more and more popular due to the quality, pricing policy, and wide range of products. Annually, Polaroid Eyewear comes up with new technologies and stunning options for sunglasses that are widely popular with the public almost immediately. The brand often collaborates with other well-known brands and famous people. So, in 1985, the Polaroid brand and tennis player Boris Becker presented Aviator sunglasses with changeable lenses. Today, along with sunglasses and polarized lenses, Polaroid Eyewear also produces 3D glasses and frames for corrective accessories.

A huge advantage of the company is the availability of eyewear collection for kids. No one will dispute the fact that a child needs sunglasses that will protect the retina of the eye not only from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays but also from dirt and dust. Sunglasses for Polaroid Eyewear are popular with millions of people around the world for their unrivaled optical performance. The choice of color options is simply endless, and every little sunglasses owner can choose the model he likes. Polaroid is the choice of modern parents who rely on quality and innovation from a company with a long history. It is very important that the frame of the glasses does not irritate the delicate skin of the child. The kid will begin to scratch and create microscopic wounds through which pathogenic bacteria will penetrate.

Polaroid glasses for the younger generation are made of delicate and safe materials that will not cause any harm to the child and the environment. They are non-toxic and hypoallergenic and fully comply with international quality and purpose standards. Polaroid takes care of your child's vision in the truest sense of the word. Kids' sunglasses should become an indispensable item on sunny days. Parents are well aware of the need to protect their skin with appropriate clothing, headwear and sunscreen. This set should include high-quality sunglasses of the appropriate size. This accessory is designed to protect the sensitive structures of the child's eye from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. In the smallest, this is extremely important due to the greater transparency of the eyes than in adults, and therefore greater exposure to the sun.

Sunglasses for kids should be equipped with a high filter that blocks the rays. Not all sunglasses protect against UV rays. Do not put dark glasses of an unknown manufacturer on your offspring. This can be counterproductive and damage their eyesight. Tinted glasses without a suitable filter (UV 400) dilate the pupil, increasing the access of rays into the eye. This is very dangerous, so think carefully about where to order good sunglasses. To know if you are buying a safe product, make sure that it has the CE mark, a symbol that confirms compliance with European standards. Sunglasses for girls and boys should be both functional and attractive. Aesthetic considerations and eye-pleasing colors will have a positive effect on the child's passion for a new subject. 

Preschool tastes and preferences are already being formed, so make the right choice. This increases the likelihood that the sunglasses will not be thrown into the corner, but will actually be worn by the child willingly. Children (especially boys) move a lot. They fight, climb trees, play sports and so on. That is why all accessories for young heroes must be resistant to damage. For the production of good sunglasses for kids, modern components are used. Top grade materials are ultra-light, comfortable and skin-friendly. Frames and lenses are made of scratch-resistant, impact-resistant or abrasive materials. As a result, they retain an impeccable appearance for a long time and perform a protective function well. 

Sunglasses for children in the EyeOns online store are represented by a wide selection of models in various shades. Original color accents on temples and lenses of different brightness will allow satisfying the expectations of even the most demanding customers, including the smallest. Use the value scale to select the desired lens and bridge width, temple length and price. Regardless of the materials used, the cost or type of frame, we guarantee the impeccable quality of each model and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other brands presented in our catalog – Skechers, Adensco, Adidas and so on. The children of our clients deserve the very best. Order accessories from world-famous manufacturers at any time of the day or night.