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Polo 2023 Eyewear Collection

Polo™ - PH3144

$114.15 - $130.36

Polo™ - PH4186U

$114.15 - $130.36

Polo is one of the most recognizable brands in the modern world. It's not just a bright and memorable logo that adorns the clothes and accessories of successful people with aristocratic manners. Since its founding, Polo has been heading towards dolce (and luxury) vita. If the aristocrats rule this world, they are responsible for it before history and posterity. This means that successful people should be in comfort, which improves as scientific and technological progress develops. As has already happened more than once, the standards of quality and beauty are gradually assimilated by the middle class. Today, anyone with an average income in any country can look like an aristocrat. Stylish and elegant Polo clothes and accessories are addressed to such people.

Polo 2023 Eyewear Collection

Polo 2023 Eyewear Collection offers stylish and original designs for ladies and gentlemen with sophisticated taste and a love for individual style. Practical and comfortable eyeglasses and sunglasses are created with love and care for discerning customers. The PH1214 rectangular full-rimmed eyeglasses will appeal to businessmen and professors, students and politicians, athletes, and video bloggers. This model with a thin metal frame will make the wearer's image more intelligent and strong-willed. Polo eyewear will fit perfectly into any activity – reading, working at a PC, playing cricket and football, shopping and a friendly party, morning jogging and evening yoga, political debates, and business negotiations.

Polo Eyewear

This manufacturer carefully selects materials for its collections, including the Polo 2023 Eyewear Collection. For the production of frames, high-quality, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic metal and plastic are used, which are safe for the skin of the face and eyes. This is especially important in relation to children's accessories, which are widely represented in the portfolio of the famous brand. The Wayfarer PH2252 full-rimmed eyeglasses with black plastic frame are designed for men, but beautiful ladies will look just as gorgeous in them. Unisex is a youth trend of the last decades, and Polo actively caters to it. This model will ideally fit into the image of an intelligent and successful person, regardless of age, skin color, or worldview.

Polo Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

Elegant and comfortable Polo eyewear is designed for prosperous people who lead an active lifestyle. Poor vision cannot be a reason to reduce the brightness of visibility or comfort zone. The PH2255U men's rectangular model with a black full-rim frame is perfect for everyday wear while traveling, playing sports, driving, as well as discussing business or scientific projects. The PH3142 John Lennon Style Full Rim Round Sunglasses are perfect for fortunate gentlemen who like to stand out from the crowd. This model has a metal frame and green lenses equipped with reliable UV filters and an anti-reflective coating. Polo guarantees absolute protection from the harmful sun rays in every pair of sunglasses for women, men, and children.

Life can only be called happy when a person manages to realize all their plans and achieve success in accordance with their calling. This is what the designers of the famous American manufacturer think. They are happy because they are successful. This is the secret of the popularity of the Polo brand – to create comfortable accessories and clothes that help on the way to success and glory. The stylish PH4188 men's full-frame square sunglasses are available in several versions, including a bottle-green model. Green is the color of life, nature, ecology, harmony, and balance. All these phenomena are present in the elegant and modern accessories from the Polo 2023 Eyewear Collection. Everyone will find here the ideal model for their taste and preference.