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Polo Sunglasses

Polo™ - PH4184

$92.23 - $117.18

Polo™ - PH3132

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Polo™ - PH3137

$92.23 - $117.18

Polo™ - PH4173

$107.16 - $123.76

Polo™ - PH4174

$88.37 - $92.23

Polo™ - PH3117

$88.58 - $158.00

Polo™ - PH4130

$82.41 - $148.00

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Ralph Lauren founded Polo Fashion in the late sixties, not having a lot of special experience in the design industry, except for working as a salesman for a tie manufacturer. That was a line of wide neckties under the name "Polo", designed by him, which has become his first footstep into the fashion world of his own. He didn't know measurements and fabrics, but he was a salesman, blessed with a natural distinctive fashion sense, and he decided that the world is ready for Ralph Lauren. By designing clothes he firstly designed his dream, as Polo for him was a symbol of status, class, and richness. Eventually, his clothes became an embodiment of a good standard of living and pride in American tradition. Starting firstly from the menswear line, he further releases a short-sleeve cotton shirt in 24 colors.

These Ralph Lauren polo shirts became extremely popular. The phenomenal growth of the company in the eighties led to an expansion of the product line, which now comprises several lines of men's, women's, and kid's clothes, shoes, accessories, fragrances, and eyewear. There are some of the most recognizable Polo's clothing lines, among which are luxury, formal, casual, sport, and kid's lines. Ralph Lauren has become one of the leading figures in the American fashion industry, bringing his unique style and aesthetics. Brand shirts, clothes, and accessories are still very current for everybody like fifty years ago when the first Polo shirt was presented on the fashion market. Polo's eyewear traditions are blended with modernity, elegance, and American aesthetics, creating a genuine and timeless image.

Many people consider sunglasses to be the most important summer-style accessory. Depending on the design, this accessory gives the wearer the appropriate character and perfectly complements any outfit. For this reason, various celebrities, film and television stars wear Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses. However, one should remember their main function – to protect the eyes from the sun and ultraviolet radiation. The latest lens technology makes Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses suitable for use in all seasons and weather conditions. Accessories of this brand provide visual comfort while driving and protect against glare. Looking through the different models of Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses, you should choose one that suits your face but also has good quality lenses.

It is recommended to purchase a model with a minimum UV filter of 400. Polarized lenses are also available to block reflections from bright surfaces. Such glasses are often chosen by athletes and drivers. In the EyeOns online store, you will find information about the size, type, and color of the frame, the shape of the frame, gender, and age. Correct size is a very important criterion for comfort. An accessory that is too large will fly off your nose with any careless movement, and one that is too small will put pressure on the bridge of your nose and temples. The width of your sunglasses frame should be equal to or slightly wider than the widest part of your face. Use the scale to set the lens width, bridge width, and temple length when searching for the right model.

Original Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses are packaged with the manufacturer's logo. All accessories of this brand must come with a high-quality case made with great care. To make sure you only buy genuine Polo Ralph Lauren products, order from a trusted retailer such as the EyeOns online store. Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses are made from high-quality materials such as metal and acetate. To prolong the life of your accessory, handle them with care and use suitable storage options. If you are traveling, use the supplied Polo Ralph Lauren glasses case or another durable box to protect them. To avoid scratches, never place frames on lenses or near sharp objects such as jewelry, keys, etc. Our experts will be happy to answer any of your questions.

In our catalog, you will find many options for Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses frames that look very fashionable and stylish. In addition to 100% UV protection, the lenses provide better vision even in low light conditions. Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses are a great choice for women, men, and children. Regardless of the materials used, design, or size, we guarantee the exclusive quality of the original, reasonable prices, and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other brands presented in our catalog – Marcolin, Max Mara, Max&Co, and so on. Stay in the zone of absolute comfort in stylish and elegant accessories from the world's best manufacturers. Browse and order original products at any time of the day or night in the EyeOns online store.