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Polo Eyeglasses

Polo™ - PH1203

$76.00 - $89.03

Polo™ - PH1204

$87.40 - $110.39

Polo™ - PH1206

$76.00 - $89.03

Polo™ - PH2227

$93.11 - $111.07

Polo™ - PH2230

$76.00 - $89.03

Polo™ - PH2231

$93.11 - $111.07

Polo™ - PH2232

$87.40 - $182.95

Polo™ - PH2233

$87.40 - $114.27

Polo™ - PH2234

$95.74 - $107.28

Polo™ - PH2235

$76.00 - $89.03

Polo™ - PH2169

$78.86 - $92.39

Polo™ - PH2175

$85.30 - $107.56

The legendary American fashion brand Polo Ralph Lauren was founded in 1967. The man who stands behind this brand is one of the most influential American clothing designers, Ralph Lauren, whose creations with the famous brand's logo are a symbol of elitism and prestige for more than half a century. Ralph Lauren clothing images are most of all recognizable for the combination of sports and classic. The clothing style which Ralph Lauren created was a mix of Ivy League and country club wears combined into everyday apparel. Simplistic sophistication, elegance, and simple silhouettes which are functional, universal, and perfect for everyday wardrobe and remain relevant for more than one season – that is what every American aspired for and which made the brand a constant fashion staple.

Starting from clothes design, Ralph Lauren changed tastes and cultural obsessions, creating a new entire lifestyle that included not only clothing but fragrances, eyewear, and home furnishings which made the brand a globally known fashion empire. Polo Ralph Lauren does not pursue seasonal trends. It remains true to the classics and that very informal American style that is peculiar to the brand's philosophy for more than fifty years. Sunglasses and frames from the Polo brand embody refined classics, carrying at the same time a powerful charge of sports energy. The latest Polo eyewear collection features a broad line of sophisticated styles for those who prefer simple, elegant silhouettes with minimal detailing. The brand is notable with its timeless silhouettes in rectangular, square, oval, and round shapes with simple refined aesthetics and impeccable vintage or classic styles.

Looking for glasses that will make you feel comfortable and stylish? Would you like to buy them once and use them for a long time? Then you definitely need to choose prescription glasses from Polo Ralph Lauren. Why? Foremost, because they are signed by the name of one of the most respected and famous designers in America – and indeed the whole world. He is internationally famous mainly for his clothing line, but he is also valued for accessories such as glasses. Having made a bet on the goods of a famous brand, you will never return to standard models. Don't be afraid to stand out and strive for the best. In the offer of the famous brand, there are unisex models, as well as those designed only for men or women. Use filters to easily find what you are looking for.

The prestige of this manufacturer is associated with the highest standard of quality and aesthetics. When you decide to buy the selected product, you will no longer be afraid that it will quickly wear out or break. This is because special attention was paid to the durability of each model. The buyer does not need to worry about adverse weather conditions or even accidental damage. So you only need to invest in Ralph Lauren prescription eyewear once for comfort and guaranteed reliability. Most models available are made of metal, but many frames are of plastic. Metal frames are suitable for ladies and gentlemen who lead a public life – speak at conferences, give lectures, negotiate with business partners and meet foreign delegations.

Plastic is considered an informal material. Wear these accessories while playing sports, at a barbecue or friendly party, while shopping, or walking in the city park. Design always plays an important role when choosing eyewear. Everyone wants to look good and feel comfortable in their new glasses. Remember that the shape and color of the frames and lenses should be in harmony with the shape of your head, the color of your eyes and hair, and also your style of clothing. Glasses reflect not only the sun's rays but also your character and taste. Since you will be wearing them in many different situations for many months, you should also take care to feel confident in them. If you are looking for a traditional solution, buy Polo frames in metallic black.

Fans of bold decisions and creative natures can afford more unusual accessories in their chosen colors. We are ready to offer timeless models to demanding customers. Polo eyewear with round, delicate frames, square ones, or even plastic pieces with bright accents and slightly thicker frames is an absolute hit. They are bought by young and old people. Their secret is in functionality and versatility. Because of this, they are suitable for almost everyone, regardless of style or appearance. They can add seriousness to the look, as well as emphasize facial features and make it even more expressive. Let Polo Ralph Lauren's corrective glasses make you a master of the situation, not a slave to fashion. You can also visit the pages of other brands presented in our catalog – Pomellato, Prada, Puma, and so on.