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Polo Glasses and Eyewear

Polo™ - PH4184

$84.76 - $115.09

Being a symbol of luxury, excellent quality, and true style, the Polo Ralph Lauren brand offers incredible collections of eyewear for men and women with power, good taste, and great financial condition. Polo eyeglasses are a wonderful mix of styles, features, colors, and materials. Choose from various shapes of Polo prescription frames for women, from butterfly to rectangle, to match your taste perfectly.

Take a look at trendy Polo sunglasses for men that will provide excellent durability and incredible UV protection. Discover impressive Polo women's shades offered in a great assortment of shapes, like timeless aviator, playful cat-eye, chic oversized, retro-inspired round, and many others. Stylish and comfortable, Polo sunnies for kids are introduced in bright colors, including pink, blue, orange, etc. will be a perfect accessory for any modern and fashion-forward child.

Ralph Lauren | The Polo Modern Preppy Eyewear Collection

Polo eyewear is crafted for people who want to stand out from the crowd as well as enjoy lightweight and ultra-comfortable frames made by skilled artisans. The company uses only top-rated materials to craft metal and plastic spectacles of the best quality to serve for years. Whether you are searching for Polo prescription frames for men or Polo sunglasses for women, we have plenty of eye-catching styles and trendy colors to select from.

Discover our virtual shop and choose from Polo eyewear of incredible quality with a temple length from 110 to 145 mm to provide a perfect fit. We have only 100% original Polo frames manufactured by a well-known brand with meticulous attention to every detail. Browse through the current Polo eyewear collection to get a perfect accessory! Complete your outfit with a durable pair of Polo glasses in trend-setting colors and stylish shapes to add a touch of charm and flawless taste to your everyday look.


Polo Ralph Lauren is a luxury American brand which introduced the world with wide ties, polo shirts, men's shirts in a female variation and many more things of excellent quality. Today, Ralph Lauren is considered one of the best respectable clothing brands in the world. The history of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand is the success story of the world's most famous corporation. It is a symbol of luxury, quality and true style. Today, the brand specializes in creating clothing, accessories, perfumes, underwear, furniture, dishes, textiles, wallpaper, sweets, pet products and so on.

Polo Ralph Lauren Eyewear

Today, Polo Ralph Lauren is a well-known brand that produces luxury haute couture items and a ready-to-wear line. The brand sponsors the US Open Tennis Championships and Wimbledon Tournament. Polo-shirts designed by the great Ralph became iconic and took their place in the hearts of many fashionistas. Polo Ralph Lauren - high quality and elegance, and if somebody wears this brand's clothing, then, of course, he or she has elegant taste and certain status of a wealthy person. Ralph Lauren casual wear is a must-have item for active people who value themselves and prefer branded clothing. Comfortable socks, practical caps and hats, custom baseball caps, T-shirts made of natural materials, stylish sneakers and fashionable eyewear - all this can easily be bought in one of numerous stores all around the world.


For more than half a century polo t-shirts, double-breasted blazers and jumpers with the image of teddy bears remain the object of desire for everyone who appreciates elegance, quality and simplicity. All this is Polo Ralph Lauren. Being a child from a poor immigrant family Ralph dreamed of getting rich. The "American dream" was inaccessible to his father and mother, but Ralph believed that one day luxury will come into his life. Earning his life either as a clothing seller or as a tie designer, Ralph tirelessly searched for a way that would allow him to get closer to his dream. The brand’s history started in 1967, when young Ralph Lauren, decided to produce wide models of ties instead of thin models that were fashionable at that time and founded the company Polo Fashions - the brand that we now know under the name of Ralph Lauren. An important role was played by the prefix "Polo". The fact is that Ralph defined his target audience for which he wanted to create his designs, who would like to wear perfectly done things created and designed with aristocratic taste. People who played polo fit that definition. Polo was entertainment for the elite, for the rich and powerful. Ralph created an image of the brand around the logo of a polo player. So the first brand of Ralph Lauren appeared. He quickly expanded the line of products from ties and accessories to a full-fledged line of men's clothing. In 1970, for one of the men's collections he got his first of many awards - the Coty Award. In 1971, he created the line of women's clothing.

Polo Ralph Lauren Frames

In no time flat, Choo became one the most popular choices for celebrities and fashion aficionados. In 1996, the Jimmy Choo brand was born with Mr Choo’s niece, Sandra Choi, serving as the company’s Creative Director, a position she holds to the present day. Retail development has been fundamental to the manufacturer’s strategy. In 1996, Jimmy Choo opened his first store on Motcomb Street in London, enhancing a distribution in some of the most reputable multi-brand stores in the world. Soon, the company spread out to the United States, opening two stores in Beverly Hills and New York City. Today, Jimmy Choo can boast of a store network that includes 183 stores in 36 countries worldwide and is present in the most elite department and specialty stores all over the globe.

At the present time, Jimmy Choo has to his credit many adorable and sought after footwear and clothing designs that have changed the very perception of fashion. As the designer rose to fame, he did not limit his creativity to just shoes; Jimmy Choo reached it to an array of other products like apparel, handbags, fragrances, and various accessories, including eyewear. Jimmy Choo glasses are all about fashion and chic, a perfect choice for those who wish to make a glamorous yet empowered style statemen