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Prada Square Sunglasses

Prada™ - Active PS 01US

$112.51 - $260.00

Prada™ - Decode PR 20XS

$236.75 - $252.18

Flash Sale ends in

Prada™ - Decode PR 67XS

$202.20 - $227.74

Prada™ - Game PR 57XS

$182.08 - $195.07

Prada™ - PR 04WS

$158.64 - $191.92

Prada™ - PR 57US

$202.68 - $244.44

Prada™ - PS 04XS

$162.31 - $184.32

Prada™ - PS 05VS

$135.71 - $173.80

Prada™ - PS 05VSF

$143.18 - $159.81

Prada™ - PS 50XS

$173.09 - $198.54

Prada™ - PS 51VS

$154.34 - $198.54

Prada™ - Active PS 18US

$151.80 - $184.32

Taking its inspiration from both tradition and innovation, Prada creates one-of-a-kind pieces that constantly cultivate contrast: the basics are made bold and beautiful, the banal turns into the festive, exaggeration becomes essential. The Prada eyewear collections also reflect this approach, presenting reinterpreted classic and iconic silhouettes with a contemporary twist. All Prada sunglasses are crafted from the finest materials to strike the ideal balance of form and function and ensure a perfect fit, reflecting the dynamic spirit and contemporary aesthetics of the brand.

Square shades are one of the most popular Prada silhouettes, equally appreciated by men and women. Refined geometric shapes look modern and vintage at the same time. These are the perfect sunnies for making a killer impression. With color combinations that go beyond the basic black and white designs, this range of Prada sunglasses also comes in a variety of subtle hues that blend in perfectly well with today's fashion trends. Discover the selection to find a standout frame that will add a contemporary touch to your summer outfit.