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Sferoflex Eyeglasses

Sferoflex™ - SF1548

$63.84 - $71.17

Sferoflex™ - SF1552B

$68.64 - $125.00

Sferoflex™ - SF2197

$58.09 - $64.54

Sferoflex™ - SF2201

$52.32 - $57.90

Sferoflex is a renowned eyewear brand that belongs to Luxottica since 1981. The innovative system of Flex temple was patented in 1941 and was a revolutionary decision that changed the concept of comfort enabling the temples to conform to the shape and size of the face. Sferoflex focuses on creating functional and practical eyewear that is comfortable for wearing and easy to put on and take off day after day. There is a wide selection of frame styles that surely will complement any outfit both formal and informal. The brand is popular with its traditional shapes such as rectangular, square, oval, and round which harmoniously fit any classic ensemble and create a timelessly elegant look.

For those who prefer reliable and strong frames, stylish and nice-looking which carry an ideal feeling of comfort - Steroflex is a perfect choice. Brand eyeglasses are produced in Italy by the most skillful artisans and are aimed at the very demanding customer who seeks maximum comfort and quality to express his individuality. Frames made of high-grade materials such as acetates, and metals and their combinations perfectly fit any face type. Restrained colors, polished and matt finishes, classic silhouettes with modern appeal, and a premium level of quality - these all are offered by Sferoflex.

Thanks to the managerial and strategic talent of the founders of the company, the name Sferoflex immediately became synonymous not only with the high quality and traditions of the national optical market but also with innovation in this industry. Sferoflex frames for men and women combine grace and style, and the shapes range from classic to fashionable and bright, from plastic to metal, obtained by milling. The range includes both inexpensive frames and more premium ones, both of which are distinguished by quality and aesthetic appearance. These models will go well with almost any style, but especially with the classic. eyeglasses from Sferoflex really look stylish and are of very good quality.

Ultra-modern Sferoflex accessories appealed not only to young people but also to the older generation. In the manufacture of eyewear, high-quality materials are used, and designers think over the most comfortable design of models, thanks to which the brand's frames are comfortable and practical. Stylish, slightly daring models combine practicality, functionality, and an incredibly attractive appearance. The trademark represents plastic or metal frames, noble neutral or rainbow colors, oval, round, and square shapes. Innovative production, technical experimentation, and the introduction of new forms and colors define an eyewear collection that always has a truly authentic, individual, and highly attractive look.

One of the secrets behind the success of the frames in the Sferoflex collection lies in the combination of excellent quality and original finishes, always in keeping with the latest fashion trends. It is worth buying glasses of this brand once, and you will become a constant fan of it.  A constantly updated collection of fashion eyewear, reflecting the cutting-edge trends of Italian design and affordable prices, allows you to regularly update this super fashion accessory, matching it to your changing image and making it inimitable. The brand's products are focused not only on young people but in general on all those who are young at heart, who lead a dynamic lifestyle, who appreciate good style and try to always be in trend, keep up with fashion.

Sferoflex glasses can be called a necessary and important addition to the image of a modern and fashionable resident of a fast-paced city. The art of Sferoflex designers was expressed in the elaboration of decorative elements. Sometimes they look simple but effective in contrast in color with the rest of the frame. There are more elegant models in the collection, which are distinguished by cold colors. A variety of models made of metal and plastic, of various shapes and configurations, can satisfy the taste of any, even the most demanding customer. Each product of the brand embodies the skill of a professional designer, high-quality workmanship, and the best materials. The collection of these frames is characterized by high-quality components and coatings, deep, pure colors, and careful machining of all, even minor, details.