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Square Glasses Frames for Men and Women

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Boss™ - 1071/F

$143.18 - $156.68

Prada™ - PS 05VS

$135.71 - $173.80

Adidas™ - OR5004

$75.65 - $78.08

Adidas™ - OR5004-F

$75.65 - $78.08

Adidas™ - SP0014

$49.72 - $52.60

Anne Klein™ - AK5049

$90.16 - $94.02

Anne Klein™ - AK5060

$110.98 - $114.84

Have you ever wondered what's the most powerful force in the world that we can't control in any way? So here is the answer: we can't rule the power of change which is transforming the world at a rapid speed. Somebody like changes and feel confident to live at the forefront of progress and constant innovations. And what about those who don't like all these crazy changes? They would rather slow things down to gaze at clouds, read a morning newspaper, to look through an old-fashioned scrapbook of photos savoring simple moments of their lives. These people absolutely love to sort out little things and structure everything around them. They’re very detail-oriented. They are committed to the dear old school and do know how to cherish people, time, and things that come with them in life.

Square-shaped eyewear is the choice of people like that. This frame is сharacterized by its symmetrical shape where dimensions of the all lenses sides are equal. With a big range of colors and materials square eyeglasses are looking utterly contemporary helping to keep the balance between conservativeness and novelty. As an oldie, but a goodie detail of the wardrobe it goes with everything and is great for both men and women. If you're guided by the logic paying more attention to function or prefer clear simple geometry of minimal silhouette - square eyeglass is a proper variant. Select this angular style with straight lines and sharp corners to affirm your confidence, show your adherence to good traditions, and express stability that still exists in this changeable world.

Square glasses have become iconic staples in fashion history and are a sign of timelessness. It wasn't until recent years that square frames became a trendy accessory; their roots trace back centuries ago when they first gained popularity amongst educated scholars as a symbol of progressiveness. From there, these frames became an easy-to-incorporate way to stay fashionable while also respecting traditional appeal. That's why every year, designers and brands add square glasses to their annual collections — they know the power this trend holds and appreciate its universal allure in the world of eyewear. Square frames can be seen in the catalogs of such famous brands as Prada, Saint Laurent, Hugo Boss, Balenciaga, ic! berlin, Montblanc and many others.

Square glasses have increasingly become a fashion essential in recent years, being seen by celebrities, influencers, and even everyday people. This eyewear style is certainly timeless and can bring an extra oomph to any outfit. The bold shape gives a strong and confident persona, exuding effortless trendiness and character. Not only does the strength of its corner angles add definition to facial structures, but the unique shape makes them easily recognizable from other frames. These distinctive glasses are versatile enough to be styled with just about any fashion look from classic to modern. It's no wonder why they continue to remain popular year after year!

Cat-Eye, Aviator, and Oval glasses may have a certain classic style. But when it comes to making a bold fashion statement, nothing beats square frames. Square frames make a strong visual impact with sharp edges and chiseled contours that command attention. They provide structure and contrast that helps bring out the vibrant personality of its wearer in sharp clarity. You can always count on square frames to draw admiration no matter the attire you choose to wear. Whether it be going casual or formal, square frames stand out as much as they complement any chosen look. When compared to round or rectangle glasses, only square frames truly offer that unique touch that emphasizes a bolder look like none other.

Square frames are one of the most iconic styles of eyeglasses, having been around since the 1950s. They bring a sense of classic elegance, creating a timeless look that sets them apart from other shapes. People who prefer square frames are often those who want to stand out and feel chic, or those looking for something more subtle than a loud frame. Due to their versatility, they can match any face shape and look amazing paired with any outfit. Square frames offer a modern take on vintage style while still being discreet enough to not be too flashy. Overall, if you’re looking for a timeless pair of eyeglasses that will always keep you looking chic, square frames are a perfect choice!