Square Glasses Frames for Men and Women

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Products: 124 of 3420


Have you ever wondered what's the most powerful force in the world that we can't control in any way? So here is the answer: we can't rule the power of changes which is transforming the world at a rapid speed. Somebody likes changes and feel confident to live at the forefront of progress and constant innovations. And what about those who don't like all these crazy changes?
They would rather slow things down to gaze at clouds, to read a morning newspaper, to look through old-fashioned scrapbook of photos savouring simple moments of their lives.
These people absolutely love to sort out little things and to structure everything around. They’re very detail oriented. They committed to the dear old school and do know how to cherish people, time and things which come with them in life.
Square frame eyewear is the choice of people like that. This frame is сharacterized by its symmetrical shape where dimensions of the all lenses sides are equal.
With a big range of colors and materials square eyeglasses are looking utterly contemporary helping to keep the balance between conservativeness and novelty.
As an oldie, but a goodie detail of the wardrobe it goes with everything and is great for both men and women.
If you're guided by the logic paying more attention to function or prefer clear simple geometry of minimal silhouette - square eyeglasses is a proper variant.
Select this angular style with straight lines and sharp corners to affirm your confidence, to show your adherence to the good traditions, to express stability which still exists in this changeable world.