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Tiffany Glasses and Eyewear

Tiffany sunglasses and frames are the standard of refinement, modern classics that have won millions of hearts. The collections of the famous jewelry brand amaze with graceful and elegant frames, where each model of glasses is a real work of art, an accessory with a carefully thought-out design and decor, intricate details, and beautiful trimmings, an example of impeccable taste and excellent quality. Due to their style, exquisite and elegant, at first glance, you can guess that these are the creations of the famous Tiffany fashion house.

The world of Tiffany is multifaceted, but unfortunately for men, Tiffany & Co. offers eyewear products exclusively for women and designs them with specific aesthetic details to delight its target audience. The company's thematic collections have a huge assortment, covering many holidays and events including weddings which the brand pays much attention to. Harmonious classic design, sophisticated decor, and shiny elements that adorn Tiffany's glasses make them an irreplaceable stylish accessory for any of the brightest and most solemn events.

Tiffany & Co.—Tiffany T Eyewear

The eyewear collection of Tiffany pays homage to the brand's history of innovation, creativity, and unparalleled craftsmanship. The latest eyewear styles from Tiffany, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, are presented in a variety of trendy contemporary shapes, such as butterfly, cat-eye, oversized, oval, and rectangle. The delightfully luxurious feminine eyewear created by the most skillful artisans is also offered in the iconic pilot-shaped style. Tiffany's Aviators look great and are a stylish addition to outfits for all seasons.

Adhering to a long tradition of superior craftsmanship, Tiffany uses only the highest quality materials for its spectacle products, such as premium acetate and metal. The metal in the frames gives them great strength and endurance, supplemented with excellent resistance to corrosion. Some of Tiffany's exquisite glasses are made of precious materials including sterling silver and diamonds, and some luxurious eyewear pieces sparkle with Swarovski crystals. Every pair of sunglasses and eyeglasses arrives in the distinctive and coveted Tiffany blue box.


The name of Tiffany long ago has turned into a symbol of the desire for romantic, love, luxury and a brilliant life. This name embodied the American promise of a better future, enclosed in a blue box with a white bow. Nowadays, every Tiffany & Co product is a benchmark in quality and ultimate in dreams. Millions of women around the world dream about weddings with a Tiffany engagement ring on the ring finger, and men are sure that a watch or bracelet from a famous brand will elegantly emphasize their status. After all, Tiffany for several decades justifies the title of professional in the field of jewelry.

Tiffany Eyewear

The company sells jewelry, silver, porcelain, crystal, stationery, perfumes, jewelry, accessories, as well as some leather products. The world of Tiffany is multifaceted - there are many creations for all ages starting from infancy. Themed collections also have a huge assortment, covering many holidays and events. Today chic, stylish and uniquely beautiful products from Tiffany are in the wish list of millions of women. They are deservedly considered the most original and elite, and shine with their splendor in the wardrobes of famous Hollywood actresses, wives of billionaires and politicians, great musicians and other cultural figures.


Having started its work in 1837 with a small New York store, the company has turned into a large corporation with more than a hundred boutiques in many countries. It all started very simply and even trivial: two school friends John F. Young and Charles Lewis Tiffany in mid-September 1837 opened a small office store, Tiffany & Young. The profit for the first day was a little less than $5, but by the standards of small business of that time it was not bad. Now it’s hard to believe, but initially at Tiffany's store they sold office supplies and haberdashery. In the same year, Charles proposed introducing the brand's attributes in the form of catchy packaging. They selected turquoise color which for 180 years has been an integral part of the packaging of any Tiffany brand products.

Tiffany Frames

The company’s catalog "Blue Book", the first issue of which was released in 1845, also has this color. The entrepreneurs constantly expanded their product range, and soon the first jewelry appeared on the counter. From the very beginning, it was decided to engage in high-quality goods, so the silver jewelry of the brand, which appeared in the store in 1851, was made of 925 sterling silver. In 1867, Tiffany & Co entered the European market and conquered Paris, receiving an award for the highest silver products. And in 1871, the company launched the Audubon collection, silverware based on Japanese writers.

In 1878, Charles began to trade in the largest and most expensive yellow diamonds mined in South Africa at mines weighing at least 287 carats and above. With this he attracted the attention of successful businessmen even more and became one of the representatives of the so-called “upper class” with great connections and popularity in society. In 1887, Charles was awarded the honorary title - King of Diamonds. He acquired several original and famous jewelry of the Royal Court of France, which caused another round of interest in him of wealthy people and hereditary aristocrats.

The brand was popularized thanks to the excellent Hollywood movie “Breakfast at Tiffany” with the magnificent Audrey Hepburn who played the main role and forever became the symbol of the brand. Tiffany collaborated with talented jewelry designers, creating many original creations that attracted the enthusiastic attention of the public. In the second half of the 20th century, the brand began to open stores around the world: Europe and Asia could not resist the charm of the jewelry from the eminent brand. Since 2008 Tiffany has produced optical styles and sunglasses which feature timeless elegance, beautiful design and expert craftsmanship. Now Tiffany & Co is one of the most famous and most popular luxury brands in the world.