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Tiffany Eyeglasses

Tiffany™ - TF1135

$176.37 - $193.21

Tiffany™ - TF1136

$176.37 - $193.21

Tiffany™ - TF1139

$173.20 - $333.81

Tiffany™ - TF1140B

$187.26 - $197.55

Tiffany™ - TF2091B

$181.36 - $305.00

Tiffany™ - TF2160B

$179.87 - $354.00

Tiffany™ - TF2177

$137.29 - $311.00

Tiffany™ - TF2177F

$137.29 - $311.00

Tiffany™ - TF2180

$174.87 - $336.75

Tiffany™ - TF2191F

$162.01 - $181.36

Tiffany™ - TF2194

$162.01 - $181.36

Tiffany™ - TF2207

$157.90 - $193.58

Tiffany™ - TF2208B

$195.80 - $197.55

The history of Tiffany & Co. started in 1837 and surprisingly initially the brand had no connection to jewelry. Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B Young, his friend, opened their stationery and fancy goods shop. Partners decided to create luxury goods seeing the changes in the American Style and departing from the taste of the Victorian era. In the 1840's Charles Tiffany began to purchase diamonds from French aristocrats who needed money and soon the manufacturing of fine jewelry was launched. Now Tiffany & Co. is famed not just for diamonds and magnificent jewelry but also for exquisite timepieces which adorned the wrists of the most charming women. Charles Lewis Tiffany first began selling timepieces in 1847 and for over 150 years the company has had close ties with the Swiss watchmaking industry combining American design values with Swiss craftsmanship.

Over time the brand developed its own style having become synonymous with the lavish lifestyles of the Gilded Age. Now the main product lines of Tiffany & Co. are fine jewelry, timepieces, sterling silver goods, crystal, china, writing instruments, fragrances, and personal accessories. Every company's item is an embodiment of elegance, exclusivity, and outstanding design. Tiffany & Co. stunning eyewear collection is inspired by their iconic jewelry designs, which feature the same intricate details and luxurious materials and masterfully created in order to impress. Eyeglasses are available in a vast range of colors from classic hues to bold and bright tones with exclusive patterns and finishes. Beauty and grace, refined decoration and beautiful decor including crystals and gems, a variety of shapes and colors - all this is about Tiffany & Co. splendid eyewear.

The history of the Tiffany brand began over a hundred years ago and has won millions of hearts, proudly being at the top of world fashion. This brand is recognized as the most prestigious, and no other brand can still be compared with its popularity. Many years ago a small stationery store on Broadway, opened by John F. Young and Charles L. Tiffany had started their history. Then it was called a little differently - Tiffany & Young, and hardly anyone could have thought that in years to come it would achieve its current popularity. In 1978, the Italian company Tiffany lunettes received a license to manufacture Tiffany medical frames and sunglasses. In the production of frames and decorative elements, 23-carat gold and platinum coating were used. Gradually, the brand acquired characteristic features, developing its own unique style. Items made of precious metals and stones entered the world arena. The corporate turquoise color of the company was determined, which became its hallmark.

Generally, these luxurious premium glasses are realized in a thin, elegant frame of sterling silver and diamonds. The company has been producing glasses for many years, respecting the initially high standards, and does not change its unique style. Tiffany eyeglass frames follow the brand's vision to match women's vision of sophistication, understatement, and elegance. Tiffany & Co glasses are presented at EyeOns in a wide range of styles and shapes, but the main difference of the entire line is grace and classicism, reflecting and emphasizing incredible femininity. All accessories have a clearly visible embossed inscription, engraved in the fine print - Tiffany & Co. It indicates that Tiffany glasses are original, and made so that a potential buyer can distinguish a product from a fake. Some frames are gold or silver plated, and of course, the brand's signature turquoise color is used in the color scheme.

Beauty and tenderness, grace, elegance, extraordinary workmanship, excellent quality, and fantastic design are just definitions of eyeglass frames from Tiffany. It's not just a luxury product, it's a dream. The design of the collections of frames is mixed with the legendary jewelry of the brand. They are characterized by a variety of shapes, color options, the exquisite finish of the temples, and beautiful decor. Just look at the round models that can improve any look. Or at Butterfly glasses that will gracefully emphasize your character. The sophistication of the models is really impressive! Classic brown-black shades in separate lines are skillfully diluted with bright multi-colored strokes, which will allow you to wear a real work of art on your face. Frames are made of acetate polymer, high-grade metals. Framed with crystals, precious stones, and gilding, Tiffany eyeglasses look stunning and will impress any modern fashionista.

The attractiveness of the frames of this company lies in the fact that the variety of shapes allows you to choose an accessory for any type of face. The future owner of branded luxury should figure out which frame shape is right for him. Almost any shape of glasses will suit the owner of an oval face, but if you try on Cat-Eye, then the ideal features will acquire a little drama. The angular features of a square face will help smooth out oval-shaped glasses.  And trendy square models will smooth out the lower part of a triangular face. The legendary Tiffany glasses - Wayfarers will look contrastingly on a round face, making it more elegant. The spirit of the collections lies in the combination of high fashion and modern innovations. In the twenty-first century, glasses have become not only a medical necessity but also an essential accessory that always emphasizes individuality and unique charm. If you are interested in buying stylish and high-quality Tiffany glasses, do it in the EyeOns online store, because we provide a quality guarantee and fast feedback!