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Tiffany Eyeglasses for Women

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Products: 124 of 712


The history of the fashionable jewelry house Tiffany began in 1837 when Charles Tiffany and his friend Teddy Young opened a souvenir shop. Gradually, the store's product line was replenished with jewelry, and a few years later the company started producing its own magnificent jewelry pieces. It was then that the first Tiffany catalog called “Blue Book” appeared, in which the brand's products were presented, and the recognizable corporate color was chosen and patented. The assortment of goods gradually expanded, but in addition to high-quality standards, all of them still stood out for the extraordinary charm and luxury of every detail, be it a refined ring, perfume, watches, or accessories. The film “Breakfast at Tiffany's” brought fantastic popularity to the brand, in which the heroine of the magnificent Audrey Hepburn sported the jewelry of the Tiffany house. More recently, Tiffany has started to produce ophthalmic frames and sunglasses, which also quickly gained immense popularity among women of fashion who appreciate sophisticated and at the same time modern beauty. Eyeglasses of various shapes and styles, different in color and décor are presented in the catalogs of the company. The main definitions for Tiffany prescription glasses are beauty, grace, elegance, original performance. For frame manufacture, high-quality metals and acetate are used, along with gilding plates, precious stones, crystals are used as decoration. The color palette is mainly classic black and brown, but some models are combined with finishes in bright or light on-trend shades. All accessories have an embossed inscription, engraved in a thin font - Tiffany & Co, the look of which excites every woman's heart.