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Valentino is one of the most famous and popular fashion brands, whose authority is comparable to such names as Dior and Chanel. The collections of this brand are famous for their femininity, simplicity and special charm. In his creations Valentino managed to combine classics and luxury, sensuality and sophistication. Over the years, the couturier acquired the unofficial title of the best tailor in Hollywood.

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Among his regular customers there were many famous women including Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. Women politicians among which were Nancy Reagan, Princess Diana, Barbara Bush also relied on Valentino's taste. As a rule, each of his collections has several directions, so fans of the brand can easily find styles, prints and colors that meet individual preferences and emotional mood.


Valentino is a world-famous Italian clothing brand that specializes in the production of women's and men's clothing lines as well as perfumes, accessories and underwear. The name of the chief designer and founder of the company, Valentino Garavani, has firmly entered the world history of fashion along with such names as Coco Chanel and Christian Dior. Valentino belongs to the luxury clothing brand and is a part of the fashion association. Twice a year, the Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture collections are released under Valentino label, which gives the full right to name the brand as Valentino fashion house.

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In the modern world, the Valentino brand is a symbol of luxury, elegance and incredible style. Its founder Valentino Garavani created a real empire of beauty. For more than fifty years, the most famous world stars have chosen outfits of this fashion house to shine brighter than anyone on the red carpet. When it comes about Valentino's fashion house, the first thing that appears in our imagination is the symbol of the Italian designer - a red dress. The style created by Valentino Garavani, has become an example of elegance and femininity, an embodiment of truly “high” fashion and Italian taste, which can be admired for an infinitely long time.


The brand was named after his founder Valentino Garavani. Valentino was born in a small town near Milan in 1932. His relatives were not connected to fashion, but Valentino liked helping the familiar dressmaker working in the neighborhood. Then he saw in the cinema the movie "Siegfield Girls" in which heroines were dressed in stunning outfits and realized that he really wanted to create something similar, luxurious and elegant. Therefore, when the time to choose a place of study came, Valentino without a doubt entered the Academy of Arts in Milan. After the Milan Academy, Valentino moved to the fashion capital and began to study at the Paris School of Fine Arts. He uses every opportunity to learn as much as possible about fashion trends. Visiting theatrical performance, he was interested in examining the outfits of the audience more than with what happened on the stage.

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The spectacularly dressed people attracted his attention. He spent his free time dancing, in order to clearly understand how the human body moved and how clothes moved along with the body. Having honed his skills in fashion houses of famous designers such as Jean Desses and Guy Laroche, he decided that the time to start an independent activity came, and at the end of the fifties he opened his studio in Rome having called it simply and succinctly — Valentino. In 1960, he gained vast experience working as a costume designer for Federico Fellini's film “La Dolce Vita” and after this he came to grips with the creation of his first collection. And if at that time women's fashion began to strive for a kind of androgyny, Valentino emphasized the elegance and femininity of images. That is how he imagined a real woman - beautiful, elegant, luxurious. The silhouettes of his long dresses were flowing and tight-fitting. Such outfits enthralled many world stars, including the gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor.

Valentino's business began to grow even better when Giancarlo Giammetti became his partner. It is Giancarlo who developed the world-famous V logo and took on the responsibility of negotiating, working with models, and solving problems with finances. And Valentino devoted all his time to creativity and made acquaintances in high society. The Valentino fashion house attracted more and more famous people. Refined lovers of beauty prefer to put on dresses from "V", shining at theatrical premieres and red carpets. The dress of Elizabeth Taylor, in which she shone at the screening of her film “Cleopatra,” struck absolutely everyone.

Fashion magazines such as Vogue and others began writing about Valentino. His shows are held in the USA in Manhattan, new stores are opening in Italy. In 1967, he had already become the leading designer and received an uncountable number of various awards. Valentino continued to amaze with new collections of clothing and accessories including eyewear and bags. He created a charity organization, opened his Academy to educate new talented designers, collaborated with other fashion brands. And although by 2008 Valentino Garavani had already retired, his fashionable empire continued to exist.