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Valentino Eyeglasses

Valentino™ - VA1018


$160.41 - $167.79

For nearly half a century, Valentino Garavani, known to everyone simply as Valentino, has been one of the most famous designers who brought to life the most elegant evening and classic designs. He created a real empire of beauty. The brightest celebrities put on outfits from Valentino to shine even brighter than anybody on the red carpet. The respected couturier, famed for glamorous creations, studied in Paris and perfected his knowledge working with famed names such as Jean Dessès and Guy Laroche. From his childhood, Valentino showed interest in fashion and painting. In 1949, he entered the prestigious Milan’s Santa Maria Institute and then moved to Paris to study fashion. Valentino moved from Paris to Rome in 1959 and established his own fashion house.

With his gorgeous designs, Valentino aspired to highlight female forms, to emphasize women's sensuality and sophistication. That is how he imagined a real woman - beautiful, elegant, luxurious. The silhouettes of his long dresses were flowing and slinky. Such garments fascinated the world's best-dressed ladies and movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. Valentino is a symbol of luxury and elegance, and the collection of eyewear corresponds to these concepts. The collection of eyewear contains simple and elegant classic frames with refined aesthetics. Frames are introduced with exclusive beautiful detailing such as recognizable V logo and feminine shapes which include vintage-inspired, classic, and contemporary models from square-shaped, round, oval, or rectangle to elegant oversized Cat-eye glasses. 

Eyeglasses are available in an array of colors from traditional tones of tortoiseshell, black, dark, and neutral to more colorful hues including exclusive brand patterns and finishes. Please note that all models presented in our catalog are made of durable and environmentally friendly materials that are safe for health and the environment. They are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, and fully comply with international quality and purpose requirements. Choose from elegant and comfortable frames made from metal, plastic, acetate, nylon, carbon fiber and even wood. Titanium is the most expensive and most durable material, but for delicate women's and children's skin, it is better to choose something else. Use the filter to find what you need. 

Our collection features stylish and modern Valentino glasses for men and women. This brand does not change its traditions, offering demanding customers classic options with a touch of exotic. Want to look flawless and casual? Valentino is ready to offer a wide range of women's glasses. They are always diverse, so a real lady will definitely find a convenient accessory that combines glamor with classic simplicity and elegance. Men's options – conciseness, reliability and minimalism. The most popular forms among gentlemen are round glasses (teashades) and Aviators. Please note that accessories for men are made with polarizing filters, so they are often used as driving glasses. Look out for this feature on the product page.

All original Valentino models and legitimate copies are equipped with a branded case and serial number on the temple. The frames of the Italian brand are considered the quintessence of a sophisticated and extraordinary style. Designed for men or women, they give the wearer charm and originality. No wonder they are called glamorous. Celebrities such as Penélope Cruz, Lady Gaga and Keira Knightley willingly wear Valentino to parties and gala receptions. We offer a wide range of corrective glasses that will become part of your unique style. Don't rush to buy the first model you like. Perhaps you will find your ideal at the end of your journey through our catalog. All the options you like will be waiting for you in the shopping cart. Make your final choice and proceed to checkout.

Regardless of design, size and cost, we guarantee the originality of each model, exclusive quality and prompt delivery to any location. The customer support service operates twenty-four hours a day. Browse and order Valentino glamorous glasses any time of the day or night. We treat all of our clients as true ladies and gentlemen, which is why we offer only original products from the world's best brands. You can also visit the pages of other brands represented in the EyeOns online store – L'Amy Paris, Lacoste, Lenton and Rusby, and so on. Creating an impeccable and unique image of a successful person is not difficult if you buy in the right place. Order amazing accessories at competitive prices within minutes. We are always with you!