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GUCCI. 2022 Collection.
Luxury house GUCCI presented its new eyewear collection.
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Valentino Eyeglasses

Valentino™ - VA1021

$174.06 - $261.39

Valentino™ - VA3059

$147.29 - $147.34

Valentino™ - VA3060

$147.29 - $147.34

Valentino™ - VA3062

$183.42 - $183.47

Valentino™ - VA1019

$191.36 - $196.49

Valentino™ - VA1020

$158.91 - $160.46

Valentino™ - VA3050

$183.42 - $183.47

Valentino™ - VA3051

$177.98 - $183.42

Valentino™ - VA3055F

$118.56 - $147.34

Valentino™ - VA3056

$147.29 - $147.34

Valentino™ - VA1003

$181.92 - $183.47

Valentino™ - VA1006

$162.1 - $206.23

Valentino™ - VA1009

$177.83 - $360

Showing 1 to 24 of 913 (39 Pages)

For nearly half a century, Valentino Garavani, known to everyone simply as Valentino, has been one of the most famous designers who brought to life the most elegant evening and classic designs. He created a real empire of beauty. The brightest celebrities put on outfits from Valentino to shine even brighter than anybody on the red carpet. The respected couturier, famed for glamorous creations, studied in Paris and perfected his knowledge working with famed names such as Jean Dessès and Guy Laroche. From his childhood, Valentino showed interest in fashion and painting. In 1949 he entered the prestigious Milan’s Santa Maria Institute and then moved to Paris to study fashion. Valentino moved from Paris to Rome in 1959 and established his own fashion house.

With his gorgeous designs, Valentino aspired to highlight female forms, to emphasize women's sensuality and sophistication. That is how he imagined a real woman - beautiful, elegant, luxurious. Silhouettes of his long dresses were flowing and slinky. Such garments fascinated the world's best-dressed ladies and movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. Valentino is a symbol of luxury and elegance and the collection of eyewear corresponds to these concepts. The collection of eyewear contains simple and elegant classic frames with refined aesthetics. Frames are introduced with exclusive beautiful detailing such as recognizable V logo and feminine shapes which include vintage-inspired, classic, and contemporary models from square-shaped, round, oval, or rectangle to elegant oversized cat-eye glasses. Eyeglasses are available in an array of colors from traditional tones of tortoiseshell, black, dark, and neutral to more colorful hues including exclusive brand patterns and finishes.